4 thoughts on “Corgi dog is short and cute, furry, where is the Corki dog more reliable to buy?”

  1. In today's society, people's consumption level is increasingly increased, and consumer channels are endless. There are many ways to buy a Corgi dog than before. Buying a Corgi dog is not just a disposable transaction, it is completely different from buying food in the vegetable market. Because this is related to the promise of Corki for a shovel officer. The shoveling officer also needs to use the knowledge of dog breeds he has, plus the fate of himself with a certain Corki.
    we often see people selling Corgi dogs on roads, centers and schools. Remember, you must not buy this kind of Corgi. Why? Because more than 50 yuan for ordinary vaccines, a Corgi only costs 70 or 80 yuan. You say how businessmen can vaccine Little Corgi. Dealers may say that Corki is too small and cannot be vaccinated. This sentence is true, but Corgie was sold as soon as he opened his eyes. The antibody of the Corgi dog was obtained from the milk of the Corgi dog's mother. I sell dogs on the side of the road all day, can I feed my little Corgi with milk?

    This to buy a Corgi dog in the local dog market is more suitable for those who have long -term shoveling officers. A new shovel officer is basically impossible to buy a healthy Corgi dog. Some Corgi dogs are inherently good, or have been weaned for a long time, and there are antibodies in their bodies. This type of Cordy dog ​​is not susceptible to malignant infectious diseases. However, there are also some Corgi dogs with poor constitution, infected, without vaccination, and being sold by adulterers as healthy Cocky dogs. Seeing whether he is a good businessman or a traitor, you can see if the shovel officer can distinguish others.

    Me buying a Corgi dog online. If you are not sure if it is really an ordinary dog, Xiaobian recommends not to buy a Corgi dog online. There are also various problems to buy a Corgi dog online, such as the strange problems such as the body or the Corgi dog do not want a Corgi dog. The Corgi dog purchased online is not transported, you can't say you don't want them.

    The Corgi dog at your local professional dog/breeder. There are also good and bad doghouse. A better dog nest must first cover a large area, close to the woods and wilderness, so that the Cocyle dog can run freely, and ordinary dog ​​foothings generally only raise 1-2 varieties of dogs, and cannot be raised at the same time. There are many dogs of different varieties, so they look for a kerato that specializes in breeding technology. If you can look at the Corgi dog, you must carefully observe the mental state and physical condition of the little Corgi dog's parents. The healthy Cocyle dog is lively, indicating that Corgi's parents have been fully exercised, and their baby Corgi will definitely be very healthy.

    I want to buy a local Corgi dog. This method is very suitable for Buddhist shit officers. The method is to go to the park near the house at night. When you meet Corgi you like, you can chat with Corgi's owner. You can ask the feeding method. Do you plan to mate Corgi dogs? Leave your phone number or WeChat. The real shovel officer will treat Corgi as a family, and it will definitely treat it well. Corki born will also be healthy. Although it is impossible to raise a Corgi immediately, Xiaobian feels that it is beautiful to wait for a small life like this. Woolen cloth?

  2. That is definitely suitable for buying in the dog market, because there are more people selling, and they will reduce the price in order to win some business opportunities.

  3. Although Corgi is cute, the price is not low. So try not to buy online. It is recommended to go to the offline physical store for on -site inspection and then buy it.

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