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  1. Dogs take deworming medicine in winter.
    November is here. Today is the first day of November. The first day of November is a full day. In November, I hope we are all good!
    In daily life, there must be many people who have pet dogs. The weather in November has become a little cold, and some dogs have put on jackets. , So do I need to drive a dog in winter? "The weather is getting cold, dogs don't need to repel deworming." I believe this is the doubts that many dog ​​owners will have. Let's take a look at the detailed introduction together!
    Pegal dog owners think that it is cold this season, bacterial bugs must be reduced, and dogs are not frequent, so there is no need to repel deworming. In fact, this is a major misunderstanding of dog care in winter dogs. Intersection
    What insects are dogs driving insects?
    Each dog, regardless of the variety, regardless of age, regardless of the body, there will be more or less parasitic existence in the body. Generally speaking, there are two common parasites for dogs. One is the parasite internal parasites and the other is in vitro parasites. These parasites grow on dogs that will plunder the dog's nutrition; mechanical damage to local or even the whole body, such as inflammation, bleeding, obstruction, etc.; It will cause immune damage of the dog body, carry other bacterial viruses into the body into the body and cause diseases, especially It is skin diseases and some fatal diseases.
    The method of deworming in the body:
    The determination of any worm, targeted medication, such as nematodes, heartworms, hookworms, etc. Many other types of insects cannot be killed in all, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms, such as tapeworms. Trichomonas, ballgins, etc. need to take oral deworming drugs separately.
    Generally speaking, the intestinal worms should be driven when the puppies are about 20 days. Because most of the puppies have intestinal parasites, the bitch is easily infected by the placenta or milk. It is recommended to feed dog deworming medicines in dogs before and after epidemic prevention. Feed the dog for at least one hour after the dog eats, and then the dog will hurt the dog's gastrointestinal.
    The method of exorcism in vitro:
    In vitrus deworming only exorcotes, such as lice, flea, tapeworm, etc. These parasites will compete for the host's nutrition and destroy the host health of the host. Cause various gastrointestinal and skin problems.

  2. Pet dogs began to repel deworming at 3-4 weeks. Within April age, 2 weeks of deworming, 2 months of April to December, and 3-6 months older at the age of December. Some puppies are born to the puppies in their bodies. Some dogs have poor resistance, because dogs all love to smell, and eating random foods are prone to tapeworms. Dog deworming is one of the immunity that dogs need to do every year. Clear parasites in the body by taking dog deworming medicines, which is very beneficial to the health of the dog.

    The response of dogs taking insect repellent 1: It's okay. After taking insect repellent, the dogs have no reaction at all. Some dogs are real and have good gastrointestinal function, and the owner will worry about it. For this kind of dogs without any discomfort, you can do not give it other things two hours after taking the medicine, so that you can better play the medicine.
    The response of the dog taking insect repellent two: beating type. This type is more common, indicating that dogs have a certain response to the drug. They are uncomfortable but can carry themselves. There may be slight vomiting and dilute. At this time, the owner should not disturb the dog's rest, but to observe its mental condition, prepare clean water for it, wait for a day and a half days to slow down, and start eating.
    The response of the dog's reaction of deworming medicine three: Crazy Lianla and vomiting. Some dogs responded fiercely to the drug, such as weak stomach or old dogs. After taking the medicine, they would pull and vomit or even vomit to vomit, but they were still vomiting. Getting. Too much vomiting will be dehydrated, so the water of the dog must be sufficient, although it may be spit out after drinking the water. Comfort your dog and let it feel your care. When the medicine is over, the dog will gradually improve. However, if this situation is still not good for more than 24 hours. For example, if a dog does not want to eat or even drinks the water, you must hurry to the hospital.
    In fact, in general, the dog's insect repellent is irritating to the dog's stomach. Like the above stubbornness and severe dilute and vomiting, the effect of deworming medicine will also be discounted accordingly. If your dog's stomach is not good, it is easy to pull or vomit. I personally feel that you don't have to eat it for a few hours after the doctor said on an empty stomach or medicine. You can consider breaking the medicine and mixing the food for the dogs, but don't let it eat too much. In addition, if the dog will vomit quickly after taking the medicine, then this time the medicine is equivalent to taking it in vain, and you need to consider taking the dog again.

  3. Dogs such as pets are inherently lively. They like to go out and play. Even the cold weather can't stop their enthusiasm for going out, so in the cold winter, ensuring that the dog's healthy growth has become many parents. The top priority of work, but there are also some dog owners who accidentally entered some misunderstandings.

    Misunderstandings 1: Give dogs for dogs

    It dog owners feel that dogs suddenly become small in winter? In fact, many times the method of pet owners is promoted, and the mentality of doting is promoted.

    because many dog ​​owners think that the dogs are full, and it doesn't matter what to eat. The dog's diarrhea can also cause the dog to picky food, which is harmful to the health of the dog in the long run.

    This dog owners think that occasionally feeding the table food to the dog will not have any impact on the dog, so they ignore the threat of the table food. It turns out that the long -term food of dogs with dogs will increase the chances of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, and eye diseases in the elderly.

    Misunderstanding 2: The feeding time is not fixed

    in the cold winter, the dog's body can consume a lot, and often eat a lot. The habit of quantitative eating can be fixed every day according to the growth stage and physiological period of the dog.

    The regular and quantitative feeding method can avoid the situation of picky and anorexia in pets. It can also keep the dog's normal appetite, which is conducive to the dog's health.

    Misunderstandings 3: After meals, go out

    The dog owner likes to take it out or make some interactive games at home after eating every meal. However, after a short time after meals, or severe exercise, it is easy to cause the dog's gastrointestinal discomfort, causing vomiting, and even diarrhea.

    So the dogs that are fixed every day to go out and avoid it immediately after meals. Within an hour after the dog meals, do not exercise vigorously even in the room.

    Misunderstanding 4: Dogs do not need to wear clothes

    In general, dogs have fur on their body, and their cold resistance will be much stronger than people. For long -haired adult dogs, there is no need to dress out when going out.

    It, like those who have not been full of the moon, the sick dogs are old dogs, as well as very small dogs such as Chihuahua, Mini Dubin. It ’s relatively cold and the resistance is relatively weak. You need to pay attention to keeping warm. You can add a blanket to them or add some clothes to the dogs.

    If you need to take the dog out, in order to reduce the chance of their illness, it is best to wrap them in clothes and keep warm.

    Misunderstanding 5: Winter does not need to be deworming

    Although the winter environment is low, the number of parasites such as flies mosquitoes and fleas will decrease sharply, and the changes in external temperatures against dogs in the dog's body will be changed. Common parasites such as hookworms and whip worms have no effect.

    If the number of parasites of dogs in the body, it will not show obvious symptoms. If you do not regularly remove insect repellent in winter, and wait for the weather to warmer in the coming year, the dog The dog's belly and the insects or adults will wake up. So once a month is most important.

    While dogs accompany us, we must pay more attention to their health misunderstandings. Only in this way can the dogs bring us more happiness.

  4. Yes, the dog was born 3-4 weeks to drive insect repellent. In April, the age was 2 weeks of deworming, the age of April to December was once every 2 months, and the age of December was 3-6 months. Deworming is required every year.
    The best insect repellent medicine only has the right deworming medicine. Depending on different parasites, different insect repellent medicines are required. It's just that the commonly used insect -repellent medicines are: steamba, He Kangda, worshiping pets, faith to cure balls,

  5. You can take insect repellent, you can consult veterinarians, they will tell you that you can take insect repellent. Essence How to eat, they will tell you.

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