How can there be a dog in the family how to raise a child and a dog at home, how to raise children

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  1. 1. Give dog feeding. The first thing to pay attention to when breeding dogs is to feed the dog. When feeding the dog, try not to give the dog some small bones, such as fish bones, chicken bones, etc. The intestine causes physical discomfort. It should be noted that you should eat more dog food, you ca n’t change it casually, and feed the dog regularly every day, so that the dog can develop good eating habits, which is conducive to the dog's health.

    2. Create a comfortable environment. To raise a dog, you must prepare a life environment for the dog, that is, a warm dog sleeve. When arranging the dog's nest to arrange the dog's nest, the dog will feel very safe, and it will be more at ease in it, especially in winter, especially in winter, especially in winter Be sure to keep warm.

    3. Pervable vaccination is performed on a regular basis. Keeping dogs not only eat well, but also take regular prevention needles. It must be used every year. It is not possible to prevent it for life once. Dogs also need regular insect repellent and in vitro deworming, otherwise it is easy to cause dogs to get sick. The in vitro deworming is best once a month, and the internal deworming is about three months.

    4. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene. Although the dog licking hair by itself is a self -cleaning instinct, for dogs that are not clean enough now, they must take a bath regularly to keep the skin clean, which is conducive to its health. And most dogs are afraid of taking a bath, so when you first bathe the dogs, do some work, use warm water in the pot, and make the dog's neck and head expose the surface. Dogs are no longer afraid of taking a bath. In the end, the danger of dogs will be infected with diseases. This has been tested and prevented before the dog becomes a family member or a child has a child; usually pay attention to hygiene, keep the environment clean, and don't worry too much. Be sure to clean the pets, take a bath regularly, do a good health check for pets, and vaccine and deworming before the baby is born.

    5. Pay attention to the dog's emotional changes. You must know that the dog is almost the same as the child. If you get left left, you will be jealous, so as to make destructive behavior to attract attention. Parents must allocate the tasks of taking care of their children and dogs in advance. After the child goes home, the whole family only cares about the child, seeing the dogs, and even the evil. In addition, parents should avoid playing with dogs alone after their children sleep, which will make the dog feel lost. When the baby wakes up, he should always touch the dog.

    6. Tell children what parts they can touch the dog. When parents guide their children to do a whole set, let him participate by himself. Use one hand to demonstrate the correct shooting action and the position of the beat. When the child can do this continuously, parents can slowly stop demonstrating.

    7. Stay away from irritable dogs. Parents should know that children are more likely to be attacked by dogs than adults. Children have no deterrent effect on dogs. Children and dogs are almost high. This high gaze will threaten the dogs, so it is very dangerous to face the irritable dog.

    8. Choose the right breed dog. The type of dogs does have some impact on people who do not bite. As we usually see on the Internet, most of those children and dogs are mostly large dogs. Instead, many puppies should be especially careful. For example, Chihuahua, Bomei, and many kinds of dog tails.

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