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  1. Most gastroenteritis needs to be given anti -inflammatory drugs, and penicillin anti -inflammatory drugs or cephalosporin anti -inflammatory drugs can be used.
    Snias of most dog gastroenteritis are mainly manifested in mental state decline, decreased appetite, or even abolition, vomiting, and diarrhea. Depending on the cause of the cause, different drug treatment is required for dogs.
    This to repair gastrointestinal mucosa and inhibit gastric acid can choose some stop pump inhibitors or H2 receptor blockers.
    The gastrointestinal peristalsis or intestinal obstruction usually needs to use some medicine to promote gastrointestinal motility.
    The diarrhea is usually used for diarrhea. If it is caused by the virus, some antiviral drugs need to be used.
    The gastroenteritis caused by parasites usually requires symptomatic deworming medicines, and foreign body gastroenteritis caused by some foreign objects usually require surgery.
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  2. Bellymate, feed once every half an hour, at least one pipe tube of 5ml of pipes each time brown sugar white sugar salt warm water
    mades together, the taste is just as sweet as you drink slightly sweet and not salty. This will increase its stomach acid. Feed it once in half an hour, and a pipe tube of 5ml each time, you staggered the time to drink this water with the protein powder. You give it to drink
    The type of galciniccin injection, 80,000 or 500. If you go to the pharmacy to buy it, if you are severely drawn, you will feed one -half bottle. A third of the bottle, feed three times a day. If it is gastroenteritis, it should be improved for a day, and the minimum diarrhea will be reduced. If you drink Qing Da, it may be a canine plague or small, and this should be tested with test strips. It is important to feed a composite vitamin B every day, which is important. If the condition I said has improved, there is still a rescue. If you do not change according to what I say, then you should consider treating it according to the canine plague or small. The protein powder of animals is relatively cheap, about 50 yuan, people eat more expensive, more than 100 yuan. Its physical condition, unless it is infusion or protein powder, it seems that it is difficult to persist for too long, so since then There is no pet hospital on the home. The landlord is best to buy some protein powder for the dog. Milk powder cannot replace protein powder. The nutrition cream eaten by animals is best to prepare a tube at home. This is about 35. You can feed it according to what I said. Even if you can't get the protein powder and nutrition cream for a while, it is a top priority to stop diarrhea and hydration in the body. The dehydration is serious. It is useless to find the life Dan. I really do n’t want to buy protein powder for dogs. You can use milk powder rice porridge to cooked rice soup and the porridge oil film on the porridge on the porridge oil film. Feed nutrient cream with nutrition cream. The soup of rice porridge can only be used for the first layer of rice soup, and the rice must not be less. You cannot use the soup with repeated rice back and forth. You can add some red beans in rice. If you have any questions, you can ask, the dog's rest environment should be warm and clean.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer what medicine to take for dog gastroenteritis for 1-2 days, and you need to take a replenishment and antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs. If enteritis caused by parasites, insect repellent is needed. Slow -diarrhea and antidiarrheal, the dog's intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances. Eat some pets to regulate the in vitro to help the dog eliminate toxins. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky. Pay attention to replenish the dog with water. Dogs of chronic enteritis can be completely cured, but the treatment time is long, and it is generally necessary to continue treatment for 2-3 months. So parents should not give up their dogs, they must insist on treatment until the dog recovers. You can also use protein powder for half an hour, at least one needle tube of 5ml of needle.nAsk questions

  4. Feed twice a day alarmin injection (80,000). Feed with a needle tube and half a bottle at a time.
    Smida is a bag every day, feeding three times a day, and feeding medicine on an empty stomach.
    If he is relatively rare, he must have infusion, and dehydration will ask the dog's life.
    The method of dewatering;
    grab the skin of the back with your hands, and then let go to observe the speed of the skin recovery, fast and no dewater. Slow dehydration is serious.
    It my dogstone enteritis is just good.
    Is your dog recovery as soon as possible

  5. In severe cases, you must fast, but you must remember to supplement water to avoid dehydration. The appropriate concentration of glucose saline! If you do n’t want to go to a pet hospital, buy medicine yourself: medicines such as enteritis and diarrhea for infants and young children are relatively safe. The principle is antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, protecting gastric mucosa, protecting normal intestinal flora. Usually twice a day, the amount is half to one time, and the dogs are mastered by the size of the dog. Amoxicillin and the tracharon are also OK, but the sandstar animal experiments are damaged to the cartilage. Essence Qing Jamycin eats too much damage, but don't panic. The right amount of these two medicines is okay. If you take it a few times, it will be fine. Mommy's love is baby medicine, which can directly supplement normal physiological bacteria, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, inhibit the production and absorption of enterotoxins, and achieve the purpose of adjusting the inflammation of the intestinal flora. Intersection But be sure to remember that living bacteria should not be eaten with anti -inflammatory drugs, and it cannot be eaten with tannic acid and cricket agents. If you do n’t understand, take other medicines at least half an hour and take live bacteria alone! Smecta is good to help the bacteria also protect the mucous membrane, it is best to take it on an empty stomach between the two meals! If you have blood, use some Yunnan Baiyao!

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