Where is there a dog field in Nanning

Where can there be a pet shop in Nanning, do not want the address of the flower and bird market, do you have the specific address of the dog farm for the dog's dog?

5 thoughts on “Where is there a dog field in Nanning”

  1. There are some specialized dog farms, but the specific location is unknown. The pet shop owner knows a lot. You can also go to the pet forum on the time and space network. If you want to Gaoco, you can go to the pet care shop on Beining Street (next to Wanxing Restaurant), and the owner Xiao Northeast raised a Takasaya, and asked him directly.

  2. Don't go to the dog farm to buy. There is no dog field without a specific dog. It is generally not available to buy a puppy in other people's houses. The dog field situation is relatively complicated, so it is safer to buy someone else's home. You can go to the Dog Minnet to see, there are selling dogs inside.

  3. When you take a taxi, ask the taxi driver to know that they used to tell me before, but I forgot that you can find a good pet shop if you want to buy a dog.

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