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  1. Now the pet market is particularly hot. Many people want to have their own love of pets, and they have also given some black -hearted traffickers. If you search online, you can find many examples of being cheated because you buy pets. It was a happy thing to buy a pet, but if it was deceived because of buying pets, it was really bad. It doesn't matter if you are cheated, you can not only cheat the money, but also the lives of cats and dogs. Today I will tell you the common pits of buying pets. I hope everyone can learn about it in advance.

    The first routine: the dog and the dog you saw are not a
    many black -hearted vendors actually do not really have dogs in their hands. They are just the agents of some dogs or personal families. They all sell dogs by videos and photos. Their videos and photos may be stolen from some regular dogs, so they look particularly good in dog status and appearance. Many people are deceived by the beautiful and lively dogs in the video and photos, so that they pay the deposit and pay the ending money, but the dogs they receive are just a phase of a black -hearted trafficker. Dogs with poor health. The situation of the video and the dogs received by videos and the receiving dogs are very common. Therefore, it is recommended that you must go to a regular dog to choose a dog, and you must repeatedly determine that the dog is indeed in the dog. If it is not convenient to watch it, you can ask the dog to watch the dog until you pick it up every day.
    The second routine: The dog
    is also very common, and many friends have encountered it. This situation is more common in the dog market. After the dogs are sold, the seller disappears, and there is no after -sales protection. Such dogs are generally sick, but they are taken by black -hearted vendors to keep them the illusion of lively and healthy, so they are sold at a particularly cheap price. However, such a dog has a very poor physical condition and basically has some serious diseases. Even if it is cured, it takes a lot of money. Therefore, buying dogs must not be cheap, the price of the price is particularly low, and the seller is particularly anxious to shoot. In addition, it is best to ask the seller to show the dog's vaccine certificate, which can ensure that the dog is healthy to the greatest extent.
    The third routine: fraudulent freight/cheating deposit
    The is deceived for this reason. In other words, not only can not receive the dog, but also deceived the money. So I would like to wake you up. If the other party collects your particularly high deposit or the dogs are required to be shipped or nutritional costs in various names, please leave more people. If you want to pay the deposit, please be sure that the other party is a regular dog, and there are indeed dogs.
    The fourth routine: free adoption of breed dogs
    It, to be honest, some people will release information about adoption of breed dogs for free for some reasons. However, this situation is very rare. Most of them are transferred to familiar people, and those who want to adopt the Internet are suspicious. You know, no matter what the breed dogs are, they spend money on it. Will people just give you a penny casually? Many free adoption of pet dogs are just scammers' routines. They will build a variety of names to cheat you money. Don't be deceived.

  2. These dog traffickers are really bad. When they do not pay attention, they must hold the dog over and sell them to others. They are more excessive. They will sell the sick dogs to others.

  3. When the black -hearted dog traffickers are captured by the dog, they always feed dog food or delicious food to seduce the dogs into their trap. Therefore, it provides them with a more convenient and fast way of arrest.

  4. Black -hearted dog traffickers will throw some meats containing comatual medicines near the grass near the community, attracting dogs to eat. Once the dog eats, it will be unconscious and be caught by the dog trafficker.

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