1 thought on “What color is purebred Husky eyes?”

  1. There are more blue.
    1, Husky's eyes will have three recognized colors because of genetic problems: black (dark tea color), blue and eye -catching eyes.
    2, Husky has a variety of character, some extremely timid. Essence Together with Golden Retriever and Labrador as three major attack dogs.
    3, usually brown, light brown or blue. Light blue eyes are a common look, but there are exceptions. One dog may have one eye brown or light brown, but the other is blue. This phenomenon is called "BI-EYED"; Or one eye is blue and the other eye is mixed, that is, the iris is different, and the enthusiast of the Siberian snow pry dog ​​is called "Parti-Eyed". In the breeds of generally raised, Siberian Snow Dog is a rare two eyes that can have different colors of dog species. At the same time, it is also a small number of universal eyes.

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