5 thoughts on “How can I raise the newly -born puppy in summer?”

  1. If possible, put the puppy to a cool place, which is more air circulation. Buy some mats on the ground. When the puppy still feels hot, you can lie on it, or take it directly to the room and blow the air conditioner for a while, and turn on the electric fan.

  2. The temperature difference between day and night is large, pay attention to the heat preservation at night. Second, if the bitch is dead or can not feed the puppy. Usually feed that you can buy dogs for dogs, and feed the dog artificially with a syringe or dog feeder for dogs. Third, closely observe the state of the dog to prevent the dog from being crushed and falling.

  3. The physical temperature of the puppy is generally lower than us
    We we think that they will feel cold
    So hot weather should be kept warm at
    n don't have too low temperature air conditioning (about 26, 7 degrees), and the temperature difference is very easy to cool down

  4. It is better to put it in Yingliang and not too hot, because it is not too afraid of heat just after being born, so it should not be too big

  5. Dear, in fact, there is no big relationship. As long as there is a dog mother, if the conditions are appropriate, it is best to put it in a more ventilated place. If it is an air conditioner, it is better

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