1 thought on “What's wrong with the dog eating your own shit?”

  1. Dogs eat their own shit, because it has food rotten, and it will be interested in seeing the stool. Many bitches eat their stools for their puppies without smelling the taste of other animals. When a dog has malnutrition, eating shit. When the dog lacks trace elements, it will suffer from alienity, and the dogs will also eat their own shit.
    1. Itself is natural
    Thenasia seems to be the nature of dogs, because it has a certain food rotten nature, so seeing that the stool will arouse its interest, and naturally wants to want To eat, although many people will stop the dog's line now, for dogs, they still can't stop the temptation of eating shit.
    2. Mother -sexual behavior
    Many bitches will have this phenomenon. Dogs will lick the puppy excrement after giving birth to prevent other animals from being hurt. It belongs to a maternal behavior, a method to protect your child's trace.
    3. Nutrition
    If you find that the dog is eating its own stool, it means that it may have malnutrition, then you will choose to eat shit, and the dog will recycle yourself by recycling yourself. The excrement to obtain the corresponding nutrients, so you must pay attention to the nutritional balance when feeding.
    4. There is alienity
    This to eat your own shit is a kind of albumism. It may be due to the lack of trace elements of the dog. You must supplement the trace elements appropriately. Otherwise, you may eat shit.

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