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  1. Massage, as the name suggests, touch fur (skin) and manipulate muscles. The contact of this limb has proven to enhance the connection between humans and animals, and even more intimate relationships. The owner can provide a gentle and comfortable touch for unconventional and old pets, as well as young or young pets. This helps to provide pets with a sense of security and peace, which will help relieve stress. Please note that the massage at home must be different from the massage made by professional therapists. These trained people can provide more comprehensive massage, including various techniques.
    . The benefits of massage
    1. Increase flexibility
    2. Make your body healthier
    3. Reduce pain
    4. Increase blood circulation
    5. Make emotions calm
    Massage should be a calm and gentle process. Before you start, make sure your dogs stay in a comfortable and quiet place, such as: tables, floors and sofas. It should be noted that these areas should be flattened, clean, and provide enough fresh water, which will give pets to the greatest benefit from massage. It is worth mentioning that the most important part of massage is to relax. If your pet is really not interested in massage, then don't force it to accept massage. In addition, do not massage the lumps, and do not massage when it has a fever or infection. Like anything else, sometimes massage may not work.

    The basic techniques you can use at home include: lighting method and passive touch method. Both techniques allow pets to slowly accept and enjoy massage.

    . Dog massage technology
    1. Twitting method
    This is a gentle, long -term touch method, which helps warm tissue (that is, "warm up"). The pressure applied to animals is about 0.5 pounds (this is very very light pressure). One hand has been placed on the pet, and the other hand slowly slides along the outside of the face, head, body, tail, and leg. Be sure to slide in the direction of hair growth. Next, gently touch the inside of the legs, it is also in the direction of growing hair.
    As the two hands alternate, when one hand ends a set of movements, change to another hand, and then repeat the set of movements just now, so repeatedly. The lightness around the heart refers to the circular movement around the heart of the dog's heart.
    Note: Don't pull your hair, don't touch the infected area, open wound or mass.
    2. Passive touch method
    When passive touch is used, you don't need to apply any pressure. Just put one hand on the dog's muscle group, and the other hand is placed on the dog's head, shoulders, sides, or thighs and hips. After a while, it will calm the dog and help reduce some pain. Your pet will be comforted by this unsatisfactory touch. Passive touch can be performed at any time, such as watching TV or walking. Similarly, none of the infected areas, bone areas, open wounds and lumps cannot be touched.

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