3 thoughts on “What kind of long ear dog is it?”

  1. Most of them belong to the card.
    The dogs with long ears are: Coca, Baggis, La Sa, Malzis Dog

    Not wide. The distance from the nasal to the forehead is 1/2 of the head cover to the nasal distance. The mouth is wide and deep, the lower jaw prescription is short and flat, the upper lip cover the lower lip, the teeth are thick, and the teeth are shear. Features: gentle temperament, rich feelings, cautious act of acting; cheerful, lively, energetic, enthusiastic and friendly, agile and agile, cute and sweet appearance, easy to obey, loyal master.
    This dogs used to hunt mountain poultry, and now they are the favorite partner dogs and play dogs for children and ladies. Many men in Europe and the United States also like to take it as a partner dog and guard dog. The dog can also be used as a household dog.

  2. World famous dog ranking, big ears famous dog top10
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  3. Poodle.
    The poodle is a more lively and very loyal dog. They are also smarter. The poodle is lively but lacks of vigilance, elegant body, excellent body proportion, healthy body, and can fully highlight They are confident and their hair is also relatively long. Two cute long ears can make various shapes.
    The advantages of poodles, less hair loss, cleverness, less eating, and cute.

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