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  1. Common diseases and treatment methods of dogs

    1. Ear mites: Ears have a bad odor, always scratching the ears, and the earwax in the auricle is particularly many. (Often washing at ear washing or a lot of earwax regularly,) The severe inner ear has the phenomenon of redness and heat, and it is light and not red. Generally, big ear dogs, weep -ear dogs, and long ear dogs are more common). Ear mites are a kind of mites. Many parents have bought very expensive ear washing liquids. The effect is not only ideal, but it is difficult to cure.

    Methods: The best medication is "Avinin", also known as "Ivemin". This is a poison, pesticides, can kill mites, the price is not expensive, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap A few dollars (can be used many times, a few drops can be used).

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    2. Cycitis and urethritis: Early condition, dogs with diseases in the urethra can also work hard, and discharge a little blood urine Essence Most of the later conditions were squatting in the dog's awkward posture, and abdominal swelling occurred. Pet doctor reminds you: If your dog has this situation, do not squeeze your stomach, which will not only make the dog feel pain, but also cause the bladder to rupture. This disease is common among male dogs, which are caused by urine -like conglus -like congestion to block the urethra.

    Methods: If the dog has urethritis, you can eat the Guilin Sanjin tablets and mucin, which three times a day, two slices of three gold slices every day, (these two medicines are small stimulating small stimuli And there are no side effects). Under normal circumstances, take 7 days to ten days. If the symptoms are more serious, the symptoms can be renewed as appropriate. Eat urethral inflammation and bleed for one or two days. If the dog urethritis is taken for many days, the medicine is not good, you can add Amosilin every time.

    3. Skin disease and mites: Generally, there are small red dots on the skin of the skin, the inside of the thigh or the skin of the thigh, and the skin around the lips red and hair removal.

    The treatment method: Recommended Avinin, light situation, can be applied, but if the dog is old to lick, it will not work. In this case, you can choose to get injections. If the circumstances are serious, or you can get an injection if you do n’t see it. It is recommended to use the smallest 1 ml needle tube syringe. Around the skin of the patient, it is a few places. When you hit it, you will be slightly provoked. It is a bit like a person who does penicillin skin test to keep the medicine as much as possible on the surface of the skin.

  2. , Inu Plague
    This canine plague is a highly contact and mortality infectious disease caused by the canine plague virus.
    The communication pathway: The main ways of communication are digestive tract and respiratory tract. The source of infection is mainly sick dogs and poison dogs.
    The symptoms: Early symptoms are similar to colds. They are later characterized by bronchitis, cards, and gastroenteritis.
    The treatment and prognosis: injection of canine plague monoclonal antibodies or high -free serum as specific treatment combined with conventional treatment. The mortality rate is very high, and the puppies can be as high as 80%.
    prevention: regular immunization. At present, the better effect is the vaccine produced by the Inteve Vaccine and the Yunnan Biopharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Factory. Once the canine plague is occurred, the diseased dogs are isolated quickly, and the dog house and the environment are completely disinfected. Strictly prohibit the contact with health dogs.
    2, small viral enteritis
    The dog's small virus pathogenic enteritis is a kind of intense infectious disease with high contact infection caused by the small virus of the dog. The mortality rate is only secondaryly with the plague.
    The communication path: mainly through digestive tract communication. The source of infection is mainly sick dogs and poison dogs.
    The symptoms: Taking frequent vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhea, and rapid dehydration as a typical symptom, clinically manifested bleeding enteritis and non -purulent myocarditis.
    The is easy to be infected with dogs of all ages, with the highest susceptibility rate of 3-6 months.
    The treatment and prognosis: Injecting dogs, small virus monoclonal antibodies or anti -fine small viruses, high -free serum are specific treatment combined with conventional treatment. The mortality rate of puppies is as high as 50-100%.
    The prevention method: regular immunization. Both domestic and imported vaccines have good protection effects.
    3, rabies disease
    Buy disease, also known as crazy dog ​​disease, is an acute direct contact infectious disease commonly caused by a man caused by rabies and virus.
    Plash pathway: mainly through damaged skin and mucosa. The source of infection is poison dogs and wild animals.
    The symptoms: non -pressed, abnormal behavior, loss of salivation and consciousness, and performing sexual paralysis as prominent symptoms.
    The is susceptible animals: The family of dogs and cats is highly susceptible, while poison dogs and cats are the main sources of infection of rabies in human and animals.
    Prevention: Each year in injection of rabies vaccine.
    4, canine infectious hepatitis
    This infectious hepatitis is a kind of acute sewage infectious disease of dogs caused by type I of the canine virus I (also known as canine infectious hepatitis virus).
    Plash pathway: It is mainly direct contact infection. It can also be infected with the fetus through the gastrointestinal transmission.
    The symptoms: mainly show symptoms of hepatitis and corneal turbidity (that is, blue eye disease).
    Mamily animal: Dogs of all ages can be infected, and the incidence and mortality rate of puppies within 1 year old is high.
    The treatment and prognosis: injection of specific antibodies combined with conventional treatment. Successful dogs can usually be resistant, and puppies die mostly with severe anemia and dehydration.
    prevention: regular immunization. Both domestic and imported vaccines have good protection effects.

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