3 thoughts on “What should I do if the cat's skin fungal infection?”

  1. Cat skin fungal infection is common for the living environment is not suitable, skin care is not proper, skin immunity is relatively low, and so on.
    Stidoscopic fungal infection, disinfection of the environment to avoid fungal diffusion, leading to recurrence of the disease.
    During the treatment, the scabs at the
    are needed to be removed, and then the body surface antifungal drugs are used for spraying, such as Terbinfen and ketonazole ingredients. Cats need to bring a good neck
    to prevent the cat from licking the drug to cause poisoning.

    If the cat's fungal infection is very serious, it is necessary to treat oral antifungal drugs for treatment, as.
    Finally, it is recommended to improve the immunity of cat skin. It can feed fish oil, neuride, vitamin and other supplementary nutrition.

  2. In a small range, it can be used with an external antifungal pneocerous spray. If it is a large area or multiple places, it is necessary to sterilize and disinfect the infected place first. Disinfection, and then mix with cat food twice a day to lean skin, pay attention to keeping the living environment dry, ventilated, regular disinfection, and accelerate the growth of bacteria

  3. First, cat skin fungal infections need to be effective for skin fungi, such as drugs containing ingredients such as hevonazole, which can only be injected at animal hospitals. Second, you can also buy an effective sterilization spray for fungal, sprayed on the cat according to the instructions, pay attention not to take a bath after spraying. Third, you can buy a fungal fragrant wave to take a bath for the cat and take a regular bath.

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