Looking for a long hair with a cat, a girl avatar

On the right side of the picture, the cat is yellow and white. The girl's face is not fully exposed, blue clothes, long black hair, please be clear

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  1. Girls with long hair with cats are as shown below:
    cats (English name), nicknamed cats, cats, wild cats, belong to cats. Separate cats and wild cats are relatively widely of pets around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats that originated in ancient Egypt. Persian Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs). General cats: round heads, short faces, five fingers in the forelimb, the hind limbs, and the toe with sharp and curved claws. Nights. Most of them can hunt other animals in an ambush, and most of them can climb the trees.
    Because the cat is docile and small, it is suitable for breeding in the home. In ancient times, cats were mainly used to catch mice, so they were domesticated very early, so it became a home -raising pet cat. At the same time, the cat's body was light and tender. Now the aesthetics of human society.

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