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  1. When taking a bath for a cat, you must pay special attention to the state of the kitten.
    The more appropriate method is to hold one hand in the kitten's chest, and the other hand is cleaned. In this way, the kitten is easy to have a sense of trust. The phenomenon, if I cat, the more I am afraid of being drowned by myself.
    In addition, before bathing, the kitten body needs to be loser, so that the cat's hair can be avoided and knotted.
    The temperature of water regulating water, control the temperature at 37 ~ 38 degrees Celsius, is also the temperature that we feel hot with our hands.
    This from the feet to clean, allowing the kitten to gradually adapt to the temperature until it adapts to the environment after the environment, the head, neck, back, abdomen, and limbs are carried out in order. In addition, pay special attention not to let the water irrigate into the cat's eyes and ears. You can also try some cotton wool in the cat's ear, wash it out after washing!
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  2. Wet the cat first, then apply the shower gel, then rinse the foam, and finally dry the cat. The specific methods are as follows. First of all, prepare materials: warm water, shower gel, towel, hair dryer.
    1. First, open the shower head of the bathroom to the appropriate water temperature, and then wet the cat with the shower head.
    2, the cat is wet.
    3, squeeze an appropriate amount of shower gel in your hand.
    4, then apply the cat's whole body with a shower gel.
    5, scrub the whole body.
    6, then rinse the shower with shower head.
    7, the cat is cleaned, put the cat on the towel to dry the water.
    8, finally blow the cat with a hair dryer.
    9, complete.

  3. Share a few tips for bathing for cats
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  5. 1. First trim the nails and combed hair, touch the cat first, soothe emotions, use a comb to remove waste hair, and comb the cat's hair.

    2, trim the cat's nails, avoid being caught during bathing. Massage the cat's small meat pad.

    3, spread a water absorption towel, be careful not to block the water outlet and adjust the water temperature. Use a massage comb to help the cat combat and massage.

    4, the water temperature is 38 ~ 40 ° C, the most suitable. If the cat is afraid of the nozzle, you can use the pot to install water. First use water to wet your limbs, and then slowly wet your body. When you take a bath or timid cat for the first time, pay attention not to the back of the cat.

    5, pour the right amount of bath liquid on the hand, in turn from the neck, back, abdomen, limbs, and tail, and help the cat to scrub.

    6, rinse with warm water after rubbing until there is no foam.

    7, wet the cat's head and face with warm water, take a small amount of bath solution to wash the head, rinse the head with warm water, pay attention to the water Do not enter the cat's eyes and ears, rinse it, and then use your hand to slap the water with your hand.

    8. Wipe it with a water absorption towel, spread a ordinary towel to absorb water under the cat's feet, and then wipe the cat with a towel.

    9, the wind speed of the hair dryer from small to large, adjust the temperature of the machine, so as not to burn the cat, let the cat slowly familiar with the sound of the hair dryer, first Blow the limbs, body, and finally to the head. When blowing the head, you need to adjust it back. After taking a bath, you can use a cotton swab to clean the cat's ears.

    10, and finally help the cat to comb the hair.

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