5 thoughts on “Where to buy pet cats is better”

  1. You can do it. It is better to see the varieties of you. There are tens of thousands of cat houses. There are 100 yuan on Taobao. Anyway, I have a cat. I bought it on WeChat and it was very healthy.

  2. 1. Choose a cat must watch the cat's parents. It is best to watch the video. This is related to what the kitten can grow in the future, and there is some scammers that can be sieved.

    2, the kitten takes 3 months to get out of the nest. One is to try to let the child eat enough breast milk, and the other is to take two needles in these three months. On the month, pet hospitals generally recommend three stitches, you can also ask the seller to help you get three needle vaccines), and the third is that kittens will learn good habits such as cat sand (some friends say that his cat peees messy, put it on the top of the cat, go on top of the cat, go on top, and go on top. The problem of not buried shit in the toilet is that the mother will come out before teaching). The chance of illness will be slightly greater.
    3, cat houses are generally used for internal drivers for kittens, external drivers, two stitches vaccines,
    4, so be sure to find regular sellers
    5, cat transport problems, now there are many professional pets consignment The company and cat houses are generally connected. It is safe to travel. The cat house does not want the cat to have any problems on the road. If there is a problem on the road, you must ask the cat house to pay another one, or pay for medical expenses. When you go to the airport to pick up the cat yourself, the airport will charge dozens of dollars.

  3. My family is a cat house. It mainly breeds short and puppets. Non -pet shops and non -wholesale vendors are guaranteed to ensure the health of cats. Coordinates of Chengdu in Sichuan.

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