2 thoughts on “If you want to make a pet cat, what suggestions are there?”

  1. If you have money, you can hire people so that it is recommended to breed 2-3 people, such as beauty, British short, Garfield!
    If you are not very rich, it is recommended to breed a variety! Just buy a male cat, just a few female cats! But the appearance and color must be good! To know the same cost, good cats can sell hundreds or even thousands of yuan!
    The breeding space is also a problem, especially for cat cages (to avoid cross -transmission of diseases to a certain extent)! There must be necessary breeding facilities, such as cat cages, cat bathing drying boxes, cats of cats (canned food, canned food, lysine, vitamin B, bath solution, insect repellent drugs, ear washing fluid, internal body internal body insect repellent medicine , Vaccine, hair dryer, numbers, cats, cats, cats, cats, shaved wraps, etc.), essential medicines (ringing, spicy washing, petfen, cold medicine, cough medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, atomization, atomization, atomization Machine atomization drugs, etc.)
    The cleansing problem, each cat must be used to repel the body and in vitro deworming; regular ear cleaning (many people ignore it, but the breeding household must not ignore it. , Inflammation, etc.); disinfection and shit every day; cat litter is completely replaced for half a month to 20 days!
    Remember to remember that after giving birth, health issues should be paid more attention to! Especially after breastfeeding, it is possible that the milk should be wiped off in time. The time of people's nest; the big cat is best to complete the in vitro, in vitro deworming and vaccine injection before estrus, and perform spicy washing once or twice to ensure 100%health and do not carry germs and the like, so as not to transmit it to the baby baby to the baby baby Intersection The kitten is born, and there is almost no resistance.
    The breeding is not as simple as imagined. If you really pay, you will return correctly! If you have no experience, ask more experienced people, and you can't do it yourself! Intersection Intersection

  2. Be sure to understand the habits of good cats from all aspects, disease prevention and nursing knowledge.
    does not do all kinds of varieties, and then take care of them. Although the skewers may be more beautiful, they may also be ugly and the kitten health cannot be guaranteed. There must be no close relatives to breed.
    This cats must choose pure bloodlines. It is best to have certificates, and do not have no control breeding. It must be controlled. It is advisable to be one or two in a year, and the sterilization cats are replaced after a few years. Because breeding has been harmful to the body of cats, especially female cats, it will also affect the physique and health of kittens. (The cat in the Mata family is good)
    environment, you must try to do the best as much as possible, otherwise the trouble of getting sick can make you lose confidence.
    It temporarily thought that there was so much time to add. In short, it's not as simple as you think about it. I don't think I said it is when I make a small job when I work. If you really like cats to continue to develop as a career and interest, please think about it and understand a lot of information before deciding, think twice, think twice. After all, this is life.

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