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  1. American short -haired cats
    Now if we want to raise a cat, most of them will choose to buy, and many pet shops or cat houses, cats sold are not healthy cats, and the price is very expensive. In fact Many institutions can adopt cats, and it is recommended to adopt buying and selling.
    1. The cats sold by hawkers are usually kept in a cage and will not be taken care of well. We cannot judge whether it is healthy, because unscrupulous vendors will inject medicines to the sick cat, making the cat look very like Healthy, at the same time, hawkers will not control the price, so it is likely to be deceived.
    2. There are no special professional cat adoption agencies now. The general adoption agencies are founded by some caring people. If we want to adopt cats, we can add some local cat friends, contact some cat rescue assistance Standing, there will be a large number of cats waiting for lovers to adopt, and they are all free. You can also search for the website or post of the same city and post some adopted posts. I believe that someone will reply to you soon.
    3. Before raising cats, we must consider it carefully, whether I have thought about it, whether it is a decision to make it clear. Do not adopt cats impulsively based on a moment of interest. If you do n’t consider it, you may adopt it, which may cause the cat to become a stray cat again.

  2. Pay attention to the following points with cats:
    First, make friends with cats. When you start to contact the cat, don't rush to barely friendly with the cat, and let the cat gradually understand the owner. The best time to approach cats is that when it eats, you can speak softly with the cat, but do not touch it first. When the cat performs relaxed, approach it, and let the cat know that you like it very much. Don't make loud noise and take a sudden action to scare the cat. When the cat is further familiar with the owner, you must give some caressing, but don't be too much at first. As long as there is patience and a mild attitude, the cat will have a good opinion of the owner and build feelings.
    The second, understand the person's personality, and after mastering the general habit of the cat, you must also understand the person's personality, which is conducive to the establishment and consolidation of the feelings between people and cats. Each cat's personality is not exactly the same. Some cats like sports, some cats are lazy, some cats like to be close to the owner, coquettish, and some cats do not like excessive touch and hug it. Cats like spherical toys, and some hats are interested in birds like toys. Knowing the person's personality, you can take measures in a target to enhance your feelings!
    Third, do not punish cats often. Cats are different from other animals, and punishment does not play any effect on cats. So when cats hate, let it know that the owner does not want to let it do so, and don't scold at will. Otherwise, the cat will think that the owner does not like it, feels that there is no warmth at home, and even run away from home. Under normal circumstances, after a period of life of cats and owners of a certain age, they all know what can be done and what is not allowed.
    Fourth, hold the cat correctly. Although a cat is a very common thing, if you do n’t pay attention, either the cat is caught by a cat or the cat is injured or even causing the cat's lifelong disability. Before hugging the cat, you must be familiar with the cat, pat the cat's mind gently or touch the back of the cat. Depending on the size and weight of the cat, you can grab it with one or two hands. Do not catch your ears, tail or grab your limbs. If you catch your ears, it is easy to break the cat's ears and cause disability. Grab the limbs is easily bitten by a cat. The cat's tail is very sensitive, and the tail or stepping on can easily lead to the cat's attack.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Keeping multiple levels of space at home. We humans basically move on the ground. If you leave the ground, you are paralyzed on the sofa to watch TV, or lying on the bed to sleep. But cats are not the same. They like complex environments. In addition to the ground that can be left, they also like to wander and rest on different heights such as the sofa, table, cabinet top, window sill, and shoveling officer. Moreover, cats like to occupy the high point, so the shoveling officer can arrange some highly scattered furniture at home to provide cats with multi -level activity space. 2. Prepare more cat supplies. I don’t know if you have imagined such a picture: living in a huge castle, there are beds everywhere to sleep, food and water can be enjoyed everywhere, there are fun things everywhere, you can everywhere, you can play everywhere. Play. We may be difficult to achieve, but we can let the cats at home achieve it! We may not be a big house, in fact, it is quite big for small and exquisite cats. The shoveling officer can put cat nests, food bowls, water bowls, cat sand pots, cat toys, cat climbing racks in many places in the house, so that they can use it everywhere, and you can plant some cat grass for the cats themselves It's okay to play.n3. Change the cat's nest and cat climbing position at any time, although the furnishings that remain unchanged can help cats get familiar with and trust the environment faster, the cat will lose interest over time. The shoveling officer can often change the position of the cat's nest and the cat climbing rack. Although the nest is still those nests, the shelf is still the shelf, but the replacement position can still attract the cat's attention. Found a place that cats prefer by the place where the cat climbing the rack. 4. Increasing the frequency of playing with cats, there are many shovel officers who have jobs or things to go out during the day. Tmall can only stay at home by themselves. Only at night, you can play with the shoveling officer for a while. Therefore, the shoveling officer may catch the cat for a long time out of the idea of ​​compensation. In fact, cats are sprint players, and their concentration of everything can only maintain a small meeting, including playing. Therefore, when the shoveling officer is playing with cats, he should pay attention to the short duration of playing each time, and then play a few more times to make the cat more good when you play.n5. Increase the update frequency of cat toys. I believe everyone knows this -most of cats are three minutes of heat, and their interest in new things is fast. So sometimes cats lose interest in old toys and are eager to try new toys. In fact, there are also old cats. The favorite cat stick of Lele is bald, and basically a small iron stick. He still likes it. He often hides himself. Therefore, for the old toys, the shoveling officers can stay as much as possible, but they should also update the type of new toys frequently to let cats experience freshness.n1 morenBleak

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