Can cats bring abroad?

Go to Canada. But I want to bring a cat. Excuse me, how to bring and what needs to be done. The key is whether the cats in the plane have an accident for more than ten hours?

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  1. It can be obtained; pets are very important to quarantine. For pets without sanitary certificates, most countries and regions generally refuse their entry, and they will also prohibit entry when they return. The procedures for going abroad with pets are as follows;
    1. Must be vaccinated at the animal hospital designated by the Import and Exit Quarantine Bureau. Because the vaccine takes effect, it takes a certain amount of time. If a cat who has never had the vaccine has to take a needle one month before leaving the country, a week before boarding the plane take another needle.

    2. Within 14 days before leaving (the latest week before walking), a health certificate with pets and Agricultural University in the Import and Exit Quarantine Bureau Certificate, customs clearance orders, etc., with these proofs on the plane and crossing the customs.

    It, it is important to note that the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands and Australia are highly immune countries and regions. Generally, it is not allowed to enter the country or inbound inspection and isolation. Animals have to do early to go to these countries.

  2. Yes, but you need to apply for some documents, you can go to the airline's front desk for consultation. It is nothing to do for cats for a dozen hours, don't forget, as the saying goes, "Cats have nine lives."

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