5 thoughts on “About the problem of female cats just give birth to a child”

  1. It is usually cleaned up by the female cat itself. Your current situation may be that the third child is tired. Then you can give it a little nutritious food. Supermarkets are sold. Those cat food. You want to buy that kind of wet. Essence Although the price is more expensive. But nutrition is much higher. Essence Essence And with milk for it. You can adjust it appropriately
    Generally speaking, you can handle this (personal experience)
    can buy milk and then use a needle tube. Essence It is to suck with a needle tube without a needle.
    and then put it on the kitten's mouth. Push slowly. Let the kitten lick.
    Munfo will not pinch the kitten. Essence Essence It can also make kittens be full. But you may be tired. Have good patience. Essence Also pay attention to the cold and warm of the kitten. But do not put it in an environment with poor air or poor circulation. Essence Be sure to put it in the air. But places that cannot be blowing. This can ensure that the kittens breathe normally.
    Generally speaking, kittens are feeded once every 2-3 hours. But don't feed it every time.

  2. Your mother thrown away the cat's placenta! You will be angry when you throw the cat with the cat! Because cats have to eat the placenta ... Is the cat not feed the child now? Is it listless? Sorry to tell you ... if there is no accident, 200 % of cat children will die ... Hurry up to the pet hospital! I can't help it ...

  3. Is it the placenta? After the cat is produced, it is necessary to eat some replenishment. About 2 or 3 of them are enough. If you eat too much, you will lose weight.

  4. It must be the placenta. Even the mother of Niu Yang has eaten the placenta to restore nutrition and physical strength after giving birth. It is really not difficult to give birth. It is best not to make it too close. The expectant mother is not a little disturbed. As for the mother, it is best to pay attention to nutrition. Do not want the freshest fish for cat food, and the cooked freshly dry it to eat. There are liver. Beef. It's all cooked. Just raise it for a while, especially after sending away the kitten. It is definitely tired to raise them now. And this time it is more tired than before.

  5. It should have nothing to do with what thrown
    Igly, it is recommended to work hard in food. Please consult a doctor for specific food (we are not professional, not much to say)

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