Where is the Chongqing cat and dog market? Is it credible?

Where is the Chongqing cat and dog market? Is it credible?

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  1. 1. Gate of Jiefangbei People's Park: Some cool birds, cats, and dogs.

    2. Jiangbei Flower Market, Pedestrian Street Far East Baihua's eating on the streets all the time uphill: Aquarium, flower and birds, turtles, have now been moved, but there should be some stores.

    3. Jiangbei California Garden Dog City, open every day, the largest place in Chongqing, the largest place in Chongqing


    5. Nanping Wanda Pet Street, on the third floor on the left and right sides, not far from Wanda Square.

    6. The pet market of the Dragon Temple, there are not many dogs next to the Shiping subway station.

    7. Yangjiaping Pet Market, downstairs of the flower and bird market

    8. Chongqing South Bank Haitangxi Pet Market is next to the Jiangnan Stadium on the South Bank. Concentrated trading belongs to a non -fixed stall, and it is basically gone after the morning.

    The pet knowledge.

    In sterilization that violates nature and is inhumane?
    Rumoring: Yes, but if it violates nature, it can make them healthier and longer. Why not? Besides Pets vaccine, leaving cats at home are not allowed to go out, etc. These are also violating nature. If "natural" is completely requested, what are you raising pets?

    This of your pet bloodline is excellent, want to preserve bloodlines?
    Rumors: Actually, pets that are loved by the owner, no matter what Blood is a cute and smart child. Conversely, the dogs who are champion are not good at taking care of it, it may be annoying. What's more, blind pursuit of pedigree is a very irresponsible manifestation.

    The male dogs will not have puppies. There is no need for sterilization?
    Rumors: The trouble caused by male hormones will never be less than fertility. If you are jealous and jealous, you will be exported, and a car accident occurs on the road, and the emotional unstable bullying is weak, and he will lose because of chasing the object. If you are forcibly staying at home, you will bite furniture or bite.

    The thinks that the sterilization will make the dog gain weight?
    The rumor: The reason for the sterilization is to make the dog gain weight. The reason for getting fat is excessive feeding and lack of exercise. Dogs after sterilization are generally lazy to move. It is recommended that the owner feed less food and take them more to exercise. For example, the guide dog must be sterilized first during training, but no guide dog is too obese. Why?

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