2 thoughts on “How can there be dogs and cats in Hangzhou!”

  1. There seems to be two in the market, one is the Wu Shan Square mentioned above, but that is very garbage, there are dog plague, don't buy it there. I bought one there and hung up in a week.
    The places are on the west of the city, next to the Wingli Road, Wuxi Plaza. The nearby bus station has energy -saving companies
    . Songjiang Village Cuiyuan Sixth District. Essence It is still good there. Many well -known professional dog shops are opened there, but the price is very high! ~
    If you want to buy a puppy to play, do n’t go to these places, not more than 200 are basically not alive. I am also a dog -loving person
    Forgot to adopt it, it can be adopted there

  2. Generally, Hangzhou sells cats and dogs in the flower and bird market in Wushan Square, but the quality of animals over there is not very good. There is a pet hospital on Zhongshan Middle Road, which seems to be good!

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