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  1. 1. Cats bite lightly are the way to gradually socialize and gradually like to communicate with the owner. But the bite is entering the hunting mode and needs to be corrected, including hitting him.
    2. Cats bite lightly, or bite the owner's hands and feet all represent the emotions of dependence and conveying "I love you". And if it is a kitten, bitter bite may bring the possibility of finding playmates, grinding teeth, and practicing hunting.
    3. Cat likes the owner and feels bored. But this kind of bite is extremely properly bite, not really attacking. Many cats like to gently use their teeth to gently "stabbish" the shovel officer's hand, and then gently lick with their tongue. If the cat has such behavior and such behavior does not cause any substantial harm to you, it means that the cat wants to play, and the owner needs to play with the cat for a while, or pay more attention to him, including hugging, touch it, and touch it. Essence
    4. Sometimes when the owner strokes the cat, the cat will bite the owner gently with his mouth, and the small paw brushes gently. Suddenly, I bite a fierce bite, grabbed it hard, as if in a hurry, and then looked at the owner poorly, and immediately licked the part of the owner's biting. At this time, the cat was not guilty and expressed that he was wrong, but because when the cat and the owner played the trouble, he entered the hunting mode and took the owner as a prey. It will switch to the daily mode, and then lick the traces of the bite just now to taste the taste of the animals you just hunt. So do not treat the cat's feelings too much. Usually playing with a teasing cat stick to play with cats is to avoid the correct posture of being caught and bite.
    5. If you bite people heavily, stop immediately to interact with it and quickly walk away. Let cats understand that bite is "no friend", and you can use the nature of the cat to be afraid of water. It is wrong to spray water to him with a spray bottle. In short, as long as the cat has a wrong behavior, it should be stopped immediately. Don't let the cat feel that you are still playing with it. The correction of bad habits should occur when the current error occurs. It is meaningless to scold after a few hours. The cat can't remember it, and even feels that you are just get revenge.

  2. Kitten: Baba said that the cats who bite people cannot fight, they can only be educated. I take this education method

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  3. First of all, we must let the cat recognize the owner, let the cat know who is giving it food, and take care of it. As long as you persist for a period of time, the cat will know that you are its owner. Generally, it will not bite people at this time. If the cat has developed the habit of biting people, then we must help it change this problem. We can apply some wind oil essence on our hands to prepare a grinding stick for the cat.
    The cats are in the conversion period, that is, the kitten from 4 months to 8 months, there will be a bit of biting, so you need to buy a bite toy. During the estrus, the cat will also appear because of emotional instability due to emotional instability Bite people, or the body is suffering from injury and pain.
    If you are bitten by a cat, you should use soapy water to rinse for more than 15 minutes with soapy water at home, and then carefully disinfect it with iodophor.

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