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  1. The variety of cats forbidden cats in China are as follows:

    I. As national second -level protected animals, they are cold animals, and their inhabiting environment is diverse. Lin and Gaoshan Grassland have their figures. Like other cats, they like to live alone. They are very good at climbing and swimming. They endure their hunger. They usually eat rats and hare, and occasionally prey on small wild boars and small wild deer.
    The cats live in the African prairie, with amazing bouncing power and agile figure, so that it can prey and escape the hunting of natural enemies. In humid environments such as Marshland, it is the most active at dusk and dawn. In addition to predating insects, rats, and rabbits occasionally, it will also fall into fish. The average life expectancy of wild cat cats is 10 years and the longest life is 23 years.
    Asian golden cats
    Golden cats are the most flexible type of cat -category Chinese and foreign ear activities. They can receive various tiny sounds, but at the same time their temperament is very fierce, cautious and tenacious. The red list is not allowed to be raised.
    The tiger cat
    The hunting activity of tiger cats in the hunting activity of tiger cats due to the continuous habitat and in order to obtain tiger cat skin, which caused tiger cats to fall into the edge of extinction. It has been listed as endangered species by the World Nature Protection Alliance.
    The sand dunes
    Due to the small size, the general predation objects are mice, lizards, and various insects, but they also have to prevent the appearance of natural enemies at all times. Various raptors, wild dogs, and poisonous snakes need it. The object of prevention.
    Leopard cats
    Leopard cats mainly inhabits mountain forest areas, country shrubs and alpine forest areas. The number of sharp declines, Leopard Cat has been listed as dangerous species by the World Nature Protection Alliance.
    This cats can also survive for a long time without water. They mainly rely on the body fluid in the prey to obtain water. Unlike other cats, the cats are more picky. It will abandon the internal organs of mammals and clean up the hair on the prey. Although living in a relatively difficult area, scrocks have unfortunately become human ghosts, but fortunately they are currently more optimistic.
    Palas cats
    The small number of Pallas cats have long been listed as nearly endangered species by the national protection organization. They only have 2-3 kg weight, mainly living in desert, desert, grassland, grassland , Gobi Beach and other areas, thick hair can adapt to more cold and barren environments.
    rusting leopard cats
    rusting leopard cats live in the south of the Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka. The wet deciduous forests and more drought shrubs jungles. Categories, lizards, and frogs are their prey for energy. Forest cutting and losses of habitats are their main survival threats, and the killing of locals is also the cause of the reduction of it.
    desert cats
    The desert cats are second -level rare protection animals in my country. Desert cats are unique to my country. They are mainly distributed in northwestern China. It will choose different hunting locations in different seasons. Living is divided into two types: breeding cave and temporary hole. The poisoning of chemical drugs to mice also causes it to be harmed. It is currently stipulated that hunting and trade is prohibited.

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