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  1. Many families in the city now have pet cats, especially male cats. When raising cats, if you find that cats are in estrus, you must go to sterilize in time and close the doors and windows. Because when the male cat is in estrus, he will secretly run out to find the female cat, and it is likely that you can't go back after running out.
    Is the male cat will come back.
    . If the male cat is kept at home for a long time, he may not find the way home after slipping out, because the cat is not familiar with the external environment. And now most families have cats in cities. The floor is the same, so cats may not be distinguished from north, south, Donghe West. Some male cats chase the female cat when they smell the smell of female cats. They may not remember the way at all.
    General cats that are freely raised from childhood will run home by themselves, especially when they are hungry. The male cat is actually the same as a dog. They remember the way home. However, most male cats may never go home because of the attraction of new things in the outside world after the estrus. When raising a male cat, it is best to close the doors and windows and balconies to prevent them from running away from home. Especially the male cats who have been raised at home for a long time are easy to lose after going out.
    Igd cats are always running out why
    is likely to be caused by estrus. When the male cat reaches the estrus period, he will want to go out to find a female cat mating. If the male cat hears the scream of the female cat downstairs, he will always want to go out to find the female cat, and run out while the owner's disapproval.
    The male cat will run away during the estrus, so you must sterilize the cat. After running, I will basically not come back. Because cats are animals with a consciousness of the territory. The distance of about 1.5 kilometers in the radius is where the cat can remember the path and come and go flexible.
    Prockets will be estrus for a few months
    The male cats usually enter the estrus period within about 8 months. Male cats usually enter the estrus more frequently, usually once a week. When the cat is in estrus, the cat rolls or twists the body first, and some will howl loudly, or leaving a urine in the corner of the house. During the estrus, the male cat is very emotional and his appetite is relatively small. If there is no plan for cat breeding, you can do sterilization surgery for cats to avoid the trouble of estrus.

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