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  1. Mainly judged by the symptoms of cats, the first stage of cat infection of rabies in the first stage of cats will have abnormal behavior and sudden fatigue. In the second stage, there will be no conscious exercise, strange and indifferent to the owner. In the third stage, there will be fear of sound and light, fear of water, muscle spasm of the whole body, saliva, etc. The last stage will die with stomach, dyspnea, foaming, and full -body organ failure. If the above symptoms occur, the cat is infected with rabies virus.

    observed the early symptoms of rabies. The early stages of rabies will last for two to ten days. During this time, cats will look sick, but there are no specific symptoms. Early non -specific symptoms of rabies include: [2]
    muscle pain
    Sitting restless
    is irritable
    fear cold
    Or uncomfortable appearance
    crowded, afraid of bright lights
    In anorexia, or not interested in food

    This to check whether the cat has a trace of fighting or biting. If a cat may be exposed to animals with rabies, it should check whether there are traces of fighting or biting. The rabies virus will survive the cat's skin or hair for a maximum of two hours, so before processing, remember to wear gloves and wear long -sleeved clothes and pants. If an infected animal bites another animal, the virus will be transmitted to the healthy animal through saliva. Once the disease enters the body, it will enter the spinal cord and brain through nerves. [3] If the following points appear, take a cat to see the doctor immediately:

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    The symptoms of "numbness" or paralyzed rabies. Paralysis rabies are the most common form of cat rabies. A cat with paralyzed rabies will look weak, unclear and uncomfortable. [4] In this type of rabies, cats will not show offensive and basically do not bite. Symptoms of paralysis rabies include: [5]
    The limbs, facial muscles, or other parts of the body's muscle paralysis, unforgettable
    mandibular drooping, showing the expression of "dull"
    saliva secretion Too much, form foam on the mouth

  2. If the cat gets rabies, the behavior will be abnormal. Generally, you will hide in the dark without approaching people. If you don't listen to the call of the owner, if you reach out to pull him, you will bite (not grabbing). After 2 days, I will run around everywhere, her temperament, drool with my tail, and actively attack people. In the later period, the whole body was paralyzed and did not eat. Finally, death.
    The four periods of rabies cause:

    1. In the early stages: cats may have abnormal behaviors, such as tiredness or mental hyperthyroidism, may be manifested as changes in sudden temper or living habits.
    2. Mid -term: The cat will wander everywhere, do some unconscious movements, indifferent to the owner, and have a slight sound of breathing similar to "Hehe ...", or how to bite and howl.
    3. The ending period: Cats will be afraid of water, fear, light, fear of odor, random spasm of the whole body muscle, saliva, and most cats.
    4. During the death period: spiritual transition to inhibitory state, most of the limbs are strong, breathing difficulties, whipping foam, and dying of daily failure of the whole body, and some breathing inhibitory death.
    How to prevent infection rabies:
    1. After the cat is injected with the cat triple vaccine, the rabies vaccine is injected to increase the resistance.

    2. Avoid cats from contact with the outside world, especially wild cats and wild dogs. Rescue stray cats and dogs must check the isolation and confirm that they can only be exposed after disease -free.
    3. Go to the pet hospital to check the antibodies regularly.

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