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  1. Today, I have a question with you. What should we do after being caught by the cat? Do you have to vaccine?

    It my friends who raised cats will face this problem. Take the vaccine. It may not be once or twice by the cat, and sometimes the degree of scratching Will it be too tossing? If you do n’t fight, you always feel unhappy. After all, if you are accidentally recruited, the rabies are 100%mortality, and it shakes.

    In fact, if you can understand one thing, maybe it may not be so nervous.

    The rabies research center of the World Health Organization ("WHO") clearly states that healthy cats are not poisonous. "No poison" here means that even if the cat carrys rabies virus, it is not contagious before they do not develop.

    . I have two meanings here. One is that the cat itself is healthy and does not carry rabies virus. For example, the cats raised by our own home have been vaccinated regularly, and they have not been in contact with the wild cat wild dogs outside. This situation is completely fine.

    . In addition, if the cat is carrying the virus, but as long as the cat does not have an attack, the rabies will not be transmitted at this time. In response to this situation, internationally, WHO proposed the "Ten Day Observation Law", that is, if you are worried that cats (or dogs) carry viruses, they can be controlled in time after they are scratched or bite (for example, in the cage, it can be controlled (such as it is related to the cage in the cage (such as it is related to the cage. ), Pets have no death or no abnormal behavior within 10 days (such as photophobia, anorexia, fever, fear of wind, voices, etc.). Rabies do not have rabies, and they can stop the follow -up immunotherapy.

    This cat studied. This ten -day observation method is actually a passive measure, because if the cat does not perform in 10 days, it is okay. Question, but if the cat has these symptoms, it means that the cat is poisonous, and we will deal with it later.

    Then I checked it again. If a person is infected with rabies virus, there will generally have a corresponding incubation period, as short as 10 days, to 2 years or longer, generally it is generally, it is generally a longer, usually it is generally. From 31 days to 60 days, 15 % occurred in 3 months. The 20 -year latent period of rabies was unscientific, so if he was bitten by a dog in the village 10 years ago, he could rest assured that there was no problem at all. On the day of being bitten (within 24 hours), go to the vaccine. If you miss the best 24 -hour period, as long as it is not onset, you can make up, but when you make up, the dose should be increased.

    . In other words, if it is operated according to the "Ten Day Observation Law", there is actually a certain risk. The cat cat feels comprehensive consideration.

    (Extended reading: rabies often have a short front -wheel drive period, about 1 day to 4 days, manifested as moderate fever, discomfort, disappearance of appetite, headache, nausea, etc.; The symptoms of the nervous system, about 2 days to 20 days, have increased stress, chest compression, chest pain, and air flow terrorist disease, that is, when the face blows the face, it will cause throat muscle spasm. This is a typical symptom. It helps to diagnose. There are pain or various strange feelings in the wound area. Some patients are accompanied by increased stress of light, noise and sensation, usually showing increased muscle tension and facial muscle spasm. After damage, sweat, saliva, mania, anxiety, spasm pain muscle contraction, muscle spasm in the throat and other parts during swallowing and fear of drinking water, so it is also called water disease.) R n Finally, let's summarize:

    The cats are caught by the cat. We want to evaluate, whether our cat's health is vaccinated, whether there are often out and outside outside and outside. Wild cat wild dog ghost mixed. If not, you can make simple treatment and wash it directly with water. If the wound sees blood, squeeze the blood in time, and then clean the wound for about 15 minutes with soap, and finally disinfect the iodine. If the wound is too serious, you should still seek medical treatment immediately.

    If our cat does not vaccine, or we are caught by the wild cat outside, this situation is recommended to go to the hospital to determine whether to vaccine. After all, safety is the first. Essence

  2. If the cat is caught, if it is a very shallow wound, you don't need to consider the vaccine. Wash the wound with water and soap together, apply iodine, do not wrap it with gauze. Wounds, stay away from the head and neck, you can use the same method to clean up the wound, and then use the ten -day observation method to observe whether the cat dies due to rabies during 10 days.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, you should do a local simple disinfection before being caught by the cat. You can rinse with soapy water or alkaline disinfection solution. If you do n’t catch the cat caught, you do n’t need to bandage. For people who often come into contact with cats, it is recommended to prevent inocular vaccination. Because rabies virus is carried on the dog's body, the rest is carried on the cat's body, so it is serious or bite by the cat. It is recommended to go to the hospital in time. Inoculation of rabies vaccine. In addition, children aged 5-14 because they like to play with cats, they can't avoid being scratched by cats. They are easy to form cats and diseases. It is mainly easy to get in children with more animals. Its clinical symptoms include fever, fever, and fever. Tired, anorexia, there will also be local erythema pimples. After severe, it can cause damage to the skin, joints, brain and other organs. It is a chronic disease.

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