5 thoughts on “Will cats bite when they belong to the elderly cat?”

  1. Cats belong to the elderly cat, will they bite people? Cats have stray cats and family pet cats. Pet cats raised at home will not bite people. They depend on you, stick to you, and occasionally bite you when playing with you. It does not hurt, so the pet cats raised at home will not bite people. When cats are in estrus, they will have emotional irritability and avoid bite, but elderly cats will definitely not bite people. If it is a stray cat on the outside, it has its own defense ability, so it will be fierce, and it will bite people.

  2. Cats do not bite people and age, mainly depending on the cat's temperament and the relationship with the owner. Some cats have a mild personality, are in harmony with the owner, like to be sticky, and get close to others. This cat generally does not like to bite people. And the kind of cats who are kept in the cage, because they are not used to caressing the owner, they will be irritable and highly vigilant. When you annoy it, you will definitely bite.
    It you have to learn to observe the emotional changes of the cat to get along with the cat without biting.

  3. In addition to eating, playing and attacking, cats will use teeth ~
    Why do you often bite people in your cat? If you are playing with it, it bites your fingers and accidentally bites you. This situation can be regarded as a "playful attack", but it is not controlled by strength, not a real attack.
    But if you just touch it, it bites you hard, often accompanied by a very serious meow, which shows that it feels impatient and is a really threatening bitter.

    . If the cat is not really anxious, it will rarely take the initiative to bite people. But if your cat is raised and often goes out to play, it may be less close to others, and it will become less likely to touch and hug. Cats of such a personality cannot be reluctant. Even if you touch it when you sleep, once you find it impatient, it is best not to continue ~ otherwise it is easy to resist.

  4. Pet cats are also cats. No matter how old they are, they have the habit of cats, and the old cats are more fierce than other cats, so there is still the probability of scratching people and greater.
    It the answer is helpful to you.

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