If a girl always uses a photo of a kitten and puppy as the avatar, sending a circle of friends with cats and dogs. What does it explain?

2 thoughts on “If a girl always uses a photo of a kitten and puppy as the avatar, sending a circle of friends with cats and dogs. What does it explain?”

  1. What is the mentality of a boy who uses Shiba Inu to make avatars? Girls' heads expose their character, and women's WeChat circle of friends will also expose their inner and emotional status, thereby inferring whether they are single, just lost love, or broke up frequently. If she frequently reposted "Why do people who love each other experience so many bumps and setbacks" in the circle of friends, explain that the relationship is about to come to an end, and the rhythm of breaking up.

    In WeChat avatars can we see personality?

    1. Use landscape beauty map avatars

    Very good, pay attention to the harmony of interpersonal relationships.

    2. Use cartoon pictures as avatars

    Hate life is complicated. It is a more idealist. It is very imaginative and creative, and the thinking is relatively wide.

    3. Use pigs as avatars

    is less normal to do things. drag. However, people who use pigs to make avatars are usually "Le living". They like the rhythm of lazy life, do not like to worry about too much things, like to enjoy food and health care, and can find the most sincere happiness in life in life. Essence

    4. Use cats as avatars

    women who use cats as avatars, sexy, charming and aura , I love beauty, I often take out a makeup mirror photo. I am very immersed in my little days, and has a certain tendency to autism. Most of them are single women. Even if they are married, their lives are still "independent".

    (men who use cats with cats are delicate and gentle in their hearts, easy to have homosexual tendencies, or they may be a master of the opposite sex. Cats will play with mice. The prey of the class, so "Cat Woman" is a bit abused, and the "cat man" will be a bit abused.)

    n 5. Use a dog to make avatars

    The likes to pay silently, know how to know and enables. But it is easy to be serious and old, giving people a feeling of preaching.

    In addition to the avatar selection, there are great vibrant and full words, the circle of friends is a vast world of high birds flying and sea wide.

    The netizens determine which type of girls are girls based on the content of different people in the circle of friends, but the editor thinks that for the majority of single male compatriots, By checking the circle of friends to determine that the current emotional situation of the girls should be the first!

    On how to look at the emotional state of women from the circle of friends?

    . The logo of a boyfriend

    She called her girlfriend. After the man left, the two of them continued to walk. After a while, the man saw the photo of her with her girlfriend and a bunch of pastry snacks and drinks in the circle of friends.

    What is the behavior behind this behavior? Answer: The girl already has a boyfriend. Sending this is to prove to show her boyfriend. It did go out with my girlfriend at night.

    . The signs of tedious feelings

    , "If men do this, indicate that he really loves you", "Top Ten Protestments for Good Men", these men and women tears in tears, indicating that emotions turn into a dull period, life is slightly boring, and sexual life may not be not sexual life. Too awesome. Start trying to brainwashing her boyfriend through confusion, hoping that her boyfriend can see himself at first sight and re -ignite the hot feelings.

    . The signs of the edge of the breakup

    "Big and Settlement", "Why can't I go to the end", "Love is just a dream, and the lover finally becomes a friend" explaining that with the failure of the brainwashing, it starts three days and a small noise, five days a big noise, a big and hot, and a big noise of a big noise. At the stage, the edge of the breakup is about to collapse.

    . The sign of just lost love

    finally shared "Women's Self -reliance", "Single Single also "Wonderful" and acting for various masks, weight loss tea, urine is not wet. It shows that the two have already been in the yellow stall, began to cool themselves through a busy life, and are eager to be self -reliant, economic independence, helplessness and no brain, and go to the difference between purchasing dogs.

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