5 thoughts on “Which canned cat brand is better?”

  1. I recommend Belle instinct to Instinct (US). This canned food is golden meat. It has a high nutritional value and does not recognize the AAFCO standard. Long -term use of soil components will adversely affect the health of cats, but later the company said that the appropriate amount of soil is good for the stomach, and the amount in the cans is also controlled within the scope of safety.

  2. Personally, I think Tiki Cat (USA) is better. This protein is rich in content and low fat content. It is very suitable for cats with weight loss. However, in China, this product is only canned fish and shrimp flavor, and fish and shrimp cannot be used for a long time. It is recommended to buy in Amazon, of course the price is also more expensive. When buying, you should consider whether the economy can bear.

  3. For canned cats, I have always eaten Ziwi beef beef -free cat canned cats for my cat. For why I recommend this cat canned food, the reason is because it is the original cat imported from New Zealand, the main mainly, mainly The ingredients are meat, there are no grains, and their formulas are more scientific. These two pairs also have strict control, which is better for cat growth and nutritional aspects.

  4. Let me recommend a more cheap cat for you, petting cat canned food. The nutrition and quality of this canned food are better, and the quality is also the slogan of their home ownership. For cat's nutrition, its formula is more scientific and can increase the cat to gain weight. And the most important thing is that its price is really relatively close to the people. The ingredients in the cans are relatively fresh. My cat has been eating this brand of canned food. It feels like he still likes it.

  5. Desire is the best. In fact, there is no standard answer, but the most expensive one is basically the best. It is better for your pet. Pet supplies are not human products. Even if it is cheap, it can be said. The cheap one must not be good. If your economic conditions are not good

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