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  1. Pet cats also need a lot of attention and attention in the process of breeding. What should I pay attention to? So let's take a look at the precautions of pet cat breeding for everyone, I hope to help you.

    The purpose of pet cat breeder is in the breeding. You can use such a male cat to mate with a slightly worse female cat to improve the product. However, if you use a male cat with a small quality, it is more difficult to improve the product.
    Is when selecting a pair of cats for breeding, you need to use the advantages of male cats to improve the female cat. If the female cat is defective in some respect, it is better to determine that the male cat is better in this regard. Remember that the nasal concave is the easiest place to improve the short -haired cat, and the ear position is the most difficult to improve. The best ear position requires the ears to be distributed on both sides of the round head, and the ears are leaning forward.
    The varieties of pet cat breeding When you choose a pair of cats to breed, you should pay close attention to the first three generations of their genealogy. Many female cats no longer participate in the game after taking the CH championship title, and some have not participated in the competition at all. Although NW national champion and RW regional champion titles are also very important in the blood, it should be noted that top cats may breed pet cats, and cats without titles may also breed top cats.
    It to determine how good the cat's blood is, and how good a cat may breed, we can find DM (excellent cat) in the genealogy. Cats with DM titles have breed many offspring of GC super champion. A male cat must have 15 GC super champion offspring, while the female cat has 5 super champion offspring to get DM titles.
    The better the blood, the more expensive this cat, but you will have greater opportunities to breed high -quality kitten. Remember: The name of the cat house is like the label of a designer. Super champion, regional championship, especially the number of national championships (not your purchase and combination of cat blood) will determine the reputation and value of your cat house.
    Is when you choose how to combine blood, you should try to find some cats without affinity. The more cats you combine, the higher the degree of breeding cats. However, there is also a certain relationship between cats, because the higher the degree of friends, the more difficult it is to maintain the characteristics of the descent. The characteristics of the blood should be continued when breeding. Try not to use the combination of father/daughter, mother/son, and Tongwo brothers and siblings, but the combination of aliens/mother and siblings can give birth to some healthy and best quality offspring. The closer to the bloodline, the smaller the cats born, and the immune system is more likely to
    The influence of cats' close relative breeding, wild cats will be closely matched during the reproduction period. In the human breeding system This is common in the cultivation period of a certain variety. So, does cats have any effects of breeding?
    The ethical constraints in the human world. If this ethics is based on this ethics, then cats cannot be allowed to be allowed to be allowed. However, because cat breeding has little room for choosing objects; or the cat variety has been frequently extinct; or the breeder wants to closer the genetic gene as soon as possible to produce a better bloodline system. People also choose to let pet cats close to mating and reproduction.
    The propagation of close relatives, also known as close -up mating, or referred to as close -up, refers to the mating between the two individuals with similar relationships or close relationships; that is, the mating between the two individuals with the same or similar genotypes. It is a common form of mating in the breeding and breeding of animals and plants.
    In from a medical perspective, the breeding of cats' close relatives cannot improve the use of cat species, but it can maintain and carry forward the advantages and disadvantages of the cat's blood system. In other words, the breeding of close relatives is like a magnifying glass. It may be further inherited and carried out the advantages or disadvantages of cat parents in the breeding system, expanding the advantages, and the disadvantages may be expanded. And this disadvantage of this cat variety blood system is permanent.
    The advantages and disadvantages of close relative breeding are not evenly distributed on each offspring cat. When a breeding scientist clarifies the characteristics of close relative breeding and knows the influence of close relative breeding. You can use close relatives to breed, and in some times and conditions, you can breed close relatives to breed cats. In addition to special reasons, on the problem of cat reproduction, we should still follow the rules for prohibiting close relatives within the three generations, and try not to choose the way of close relatives breeding for cats.

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