4 thoughts on “What does human "kissing cats" mean in the eyes of cats?”

  1. The behavior of human kissing cats is actually a violation for cats, especially when kissing cat's face will make cats feel very uncomfortable, so no cat likes to be kissed by humans.
    First of all, we need to understand that the cat's sense of smell is dozens of times that humans are dozens of times. Cats can smell the taste in the distance, and they can smell a lot of subtle flavors, so some people have held other cats outside. When you return home, you will be sniffed by your own cat. This is because the cat smells the taste of other cats on you. Sometimes it even touches other cats with your hands and is caught by the cat at home.
    Secondly, it is precisely because the cat's sense of smell is very sensitive, so when we are close to the cat, the cat will smell the taste of us. If you use your mouth to approach the cat's mouth and nose, then the smell in your mouth It will also be smelled by the cat. The cat is very resistant to the taste of the mouth. You should not try to use the oral fresh agent to cover the taste, because many fresh agents are actually mint and lemon flavor. The taste, so no matter what we kiss the cat's mouth in any case, the cat will avoid it.
    Secondly, most cats are actually ten pounds. The cat's head diameter is almost 10cm, and the human head is about 20 cm. The human face is several times larger. Cats are like a behemoth approaching for cats, and it is normal to be afraid. In addition, when the cat is afraid, the pupil will gradually magnify, so we can observe that when we kiss the cat, whether the cat's pupils become larger, it means that the cat is very afraid, fear, and resistance to this. Essence
    Finally, I hope that everyone who really loves cats should try to restrain themselves as much as possible. Do not kiss the cat's face. We can kiss the cat's head or back of the head. Cats will feel that we are licking them for them. hair.

  2. In the eyes of cats, it means that the owner likes himself very much, and he is particularly good to his feelings, and he is also very satisfied with his performance. The owner treats himself as a child.

  3. Human kiss cats are actually very disgusted, they don't like to be kissed. The cat's sense of smell is very sensitive, and when humans approach, they can smell the taste, and they don't like it.

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