4 thoughts on “Do you need to get an injection by the cat to the wound?”

  1. After being bitten by animals such as cats and dogs, there are three cases, all of which must be disinfected and repeatedly washed with soapy water. One is to be licked by cats and dogs, contacting the skin without damage, and does not need to be a rabies vaccine. One is to be bitten or scratched by cats and dogs, and no bleeding is visible to the naked eye, but there are bite marks or scratches or blood stasis on the surface of the skin. The probability of infection with rabies cannot be eliminated. Injection. The third is an open wound. In addition to injecting rabies vaccine, it is also necessary to add rabies immunocal or globulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, etc. according to the situation. I suggest you get a rabies. In other words, when you have a wound, you are licked by a cat, but you don't care. I suggest you go to the full vaccine tomorrow, hoping to help you. Before you do n’t develop illness, the theoretical vaccine is effective. I dare not guarantee that the hospital is playing. Generally, the vaccine is actually a community hospital or a disease control center.

  2. ①A. If this cat is a home -raised pet, he has been raising at home and has no chance to contact with external rabies virus, b. Or inoculate rabies vaccine, c. Wipe the wound with alcohol. The barrier should be safe. You can use the 10 -day observation method, that is, first observation and delay in vaccination. After 10 days, rabies infection must be excluded. ② If this cat is a stray cat and is more worried, it is recommended to vaccinate.

  3. Of course, it is the same as being bitten by a cat and dog to be bitten by cats and dogs. It may be possible to get rabies, because there are germs on the tongue of cats and dogs, and the skin is damaged. It's not alarmist, such reports have been reported.

  4. If your wound is licked by a cat or being licked by a dog, you need to get a rabies vaccine, which is the same as being bitten by them. You better go to the rabies vaccine!

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