5 thoughts on “Do you need an injection by the cat's paw to bleed?”

  1. If you are accidentally caught by a cat, it depends on the injury. Most of the cases do not need to get an injection, but in some cases must be injected.

    1. If the animal is infected with rabies virus, it will only bite people during the period of illness to death, and people will be infected with rabies virus. People do not infect rabies virus. Pet cats raised in general families do not have the opportunity to infect rabies virus, so there is no problem without injections.

    2, rabies virus requires higher requirements for the external environment, and it is generally difficult to survive in the outside world. Family pets will vaccine, so basically do not infect rabies virus.

    3. If people's wound accidentally contaminated the blood of cats who have already infected the virus, then people have to get rabies vaccine, and sometimes they need to break the wound vaccine.

    So it is generally possible to be caught by a cat. So how should I treat the wound better after being caught by a cat?

    1. After cleaning with water

    In after being caught by a cat, you need to rinse the wound with a large amount of water. Alcohol disinfection.

    2. The injection of the vaccine

    The vaccine injection in the nearest epidemic prevention department. Generally, the latent period of rabies is about 10 days.

    3. Seeing the situation of the antiviral serum

    If the scratching condition is serious, it is best to inject an injection of an antiviral serum after the vaccine. People will have an allergic reaction against the virus serum. They should communicate with the doctor in detail after listening to the doctor's advice.

    The viruses contained in general stray cats and dogs, so for health, try to stay away from stray cats and dogs as much as possible. Vaccine injection.

    The cats and dogs in spring and summer are relatively dry during estrus. Try not to provoke the cats and dogs of the estrus and feed the young. At ease, some AIDS patients and low immunity people want to try not to raise pets for their own health.

  2. It is necessary to be treated by cats and bleeding. The specific operations are as follows:

    1. Use soapy water immediately for local cleaning;

    2. Local cleaning and disinfection;

    3. Rabies vaccine to prevent epidemic prevention stations to prevent the occurrence of rabies;

    4, in daily life, you need to pay attention to cleaning and hygienic protection to avoid all infections as much as possible The factors occur.

  3. Catal bleeding by cat claws. In this case, rabies must be injected.

    Plash due to rabies virus infection, it will cause patients to die rapidly, and the chance of death can reach 100%. Once the rabies virus is infected, the cure is very small.

    . Therefore, it is recommended that patients must pay attention to prevent it as the main, and go to the hospital for injection of rabies virus vaccines in time to prevent rabies virus infection.

    In in this case, rabies virus in animals may exist. By biting or scratching the blood circulation of the patient, the patient is infected, which causes patients with rabies.

    . Therefore, it is recommended to prevent it in time, which can effectively reduce the chance of rabies virus.

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