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  1. pet Ying [PET]; Mei [pɛt]
    n. Pet; anger; loved ones
    adj. Favorite
    vt. Pet love
    vi. Angry; caressing
    n. (PET) person name; (Russia) Pate; (Cambodia) shell
    example sentences
    Even if you do n’t show you the little pets who are sick, there are enough trouble in my life!
    i have enough in my life without having to look after your size puts!
    ` What pet do you have?三 有, I have three rabbits and a turtle. `
    `have you get any peels?
    many pets are victims of.
    The we moved to get a pet.
    Beface Long Our Family Moved and Had to Give the Pet Away.
    This little girl hugs her pet cat.
    the little girl coded her pet cat.
    I I have some chicks as pets.
    i breed some chicks for peels.
    . Her pet is a rough and fluffy dog.
    her put is a shaggy dog.
    . My daughter raised a rabbit as a pet.
    My Daughter Keeps a rabbit as pet.

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