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  1. If the cat is scratched by the skin, in general, pet cats are vaccinated. At this time, don't worry about it. You can use iodine to dispel drugs directly.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats sometimes like to scratch on themselves, maybe because the nails are too long or scratching too much, and accidentally scratch themselves. When the owner sees this kind of situation, it is necessary to check it in time to check The good cat's wound is processed in time, otherwise it will not pay attention to it, and the cat will continue to scratch the wound to deteriorate. If the cat is simply broken, you can help according to the following measures.n1. Help cats clean the wound. There will be some bacteria in the environment. If the cat's wound is contaminated, the phenomenon may occur. Therefore, the owner should help the cat in time. Rinse the cat's wound and wash away the dust or other dirt in the wound.n2. Disinfection and bandaging wounds. After cleaning, the owner also uses a cotton swab to dip some iodophor to help the cat disinfection. After the wound is cleaned, spray an appropriate amount of pets at the cat's wound, and then fix it with cotton and tape. Layer gauze is also fixed with tape. In the next day, the owner needs to change gauze to the cat every day and apply new pet supplies to help the cat's wound faster. To avoid the cat scratching again, you need to put on Elizabeth for the cat. lock up.n3. Help cats supplement nutrition. If the owner wants the cat to be faster, then you need to adjust its diet structure. The cat has a wound on the cat and is not suitable for eating heavy taste. During this time, the diet that the cat eats is light and nutritious. Foods such as milk powder, nutrition cream, minced meat porridge and other foods for cats. Generally, cats eat and drink, and the owner regularly replace it with a new gauze, so the cat's wound will get better as soon as possible.nMore 2nBleak

  3. Don't grab the skin, what should I do? The cat grabbed the mouse and hurried to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor will give you. Solved. The injection of the injection, the medicine should be taken.

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