5 thoughts on “Is it really not as good as a variety cat?”

  1. The cat who picked it up is not a pet that pets often catch people, and then there will be bugs on their bodies. For the concept of raising cats, whether it is white cat or black cat, it is very good to catch mice, and now pear cat cats have become popular. Most of them are nourishing pets, but they are different from pet cats. The raccoon cat seems to need to pay more time and energy to take care of it, and the cats when they were young are very cheerful and lively. They are curious about life. The raccoon cats are at home. They will bite things casually and explore these things. Whatever they scratch the floor and the sofa, they bite shoes and toys. It is definitely a bad news for us. For the owner of the raccoon cat, you must prepare a good psychological preparation before raising a raccoon cat. You must know that although the cats are elegant, quiet, and well -behaved, they will also have anger. They do not like to be kept in the cage. They will mistakenly think that they will bite you to return you. When cats are in estrus, they will excrete urination everywhere, and they will constantly scream, which will affect the normal life of family and neighbors. Of course, different raccoon cats have different personalities. Some cats are particularly dependent on the owner. The owner ignores it for a while, which will have an impact on the mood, causing it to be depressed and unhappy, so the owner is raising the raccoon. When the cat cat, you must consider it clearly. If you have the ability to cope, you must raise it. Compared to the character of a variety of cats, I do n’t like to bite people. When they are bored, they play with themselves. Some varieties are puppets, Himalaya cats, native cats, British shorts, beauty and so on. But they will also follow the owners' good or bad growth, some cats have a more docile temper, and some cats are irritable, but the blood body shape of varieties of cats is inherited from their ancestors. You will not have any Too much change.
    Since pets are a small life, we must take good care of them, it is an animal that accompanies your life.

  2. No, I don't think it depends on your own identification and ideas. Some people think that raccoon cats are better to raise and it is not easy to get sick. From this aspect, it is better than many varieties of cats.

  3. I don't think so. The raccoon cats who picked it up are also very good after you have carefully taken care of and immunity, and the character of the civet cat is also sticky.

  4. If the "iteration" factor jumps directly, in fact, the two cats have their own advantages and scarcity. Pick up, you can pick up many raccoon cats, and there are many forms of cats.

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