4 thoughts on “My girlfriend treats cats as biological children, and I feel very upset. Why is this?”

  1. 1. Understand the impact of changes on yourself and pay attention to your needs.
    You said that you have worked in a new city and live with your new girlfriend, which is a big event for us. Giant changes will have a great impact on our psychology. For example, you hope that everything is organized. Not as calm, considerate, and careless. This is the impact of us during this period. At this time, pay more attention to your needs. Try to understand yourself.
    For example, you want to be organized, but now you can't achieve it. You may want your girlfriend to care more about you. Now most of the girlfriend's energy is divided by cats, of course, it will make you unhappy. This is normal. Know yourself and care for yourself. This is because our own needs are not met. Instead of blame cats or girlfriends.

    2. At this stage, how can I make myself better?

    In such an environment, there are nine sentences about cats in the ten words of girlfriends. She play with the cat all day. She was so sad that she asked me to accompany her and asked me to go back at noon to feed them to eat. Because you may not have a deep relationship with the cat, of course you will be annoying. At this time, how do we face our own irritability and the requirements of girlfriends?
    It seems to be willing to cooperate with your girlfriend. It's just that these really make me uncomfortable. So do you dare to communicate your true thoughts with your girlfriend? Or have you tried to understand your girlfriend take care of cats? Those who have not raised pets may be completely different from those who have raised pets. Girlfriend may see the cat as important as the family, take care of the cat, and spend a lot of money. At this time, we may lack a sense of security. Even in the subconscious, I think cats are more important to her.
    Mou gets along with each other and needs to communicate and run in. For example, it can be discussed whether this is the only time when the cat is young and go back at noon to feed it. If you do not want to do it for a long time, it may affect your relationship. Because there will be a lot of unhappiness in our hearts, we may suppress some dissatisfaction. At any time, we can based on this principle: I am willing to say well, that is, when we are willing, do not feel wronged, pay for our girlfriends and cats. You can also euphemistically say no, keep your boundaries.

  2. The cat competes for your girlfriend's love for you. Some people do not like to raise pets, not only do not like to raise, but they can't see others.

  3. More aware of your own heart and establish a sense of value from me. Communicate with your girlfriend to express your feelings and needs. Try to accept your girlfriend's attitude towards life.

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