5 thoughts on “I raised a kitten and didn't know how to teach it to learn it.”

  1. Raising kittens, are you sure you are a pet kitten?
    If of the pet cat, to teach it some passwords, use a positive method of guiding, that is, to give the right reward, do it wrong, but no punishment, the cat can not understand people, but can perceive the perception, but can perceive Human emotions, as long as you decompose the details of the action it to learn, and then gradually be patient and reward it after it is right, and then remembers it.
    The detailed examples below: For example, the handshake, you can start from it, decompose to sit down, touch your hand, lift your hands passively, until the active slightly lifts up, until the owner holds it after lifting it up, the owner holds the holding of the owner. Live, you can lift it yourself in the end. Each step is decomposed, the right is rewarded, and then repeated training until the conditional reflection is successful.

  2. You have a kitten. You can usually teach it to the toilet with food. You can play with you. The kitten is very smart and has a close relationship with the human. As long as he is good to him, he will be sensible.

  3. Hello friends, you want to support a kitten, I don’t know how to teach him to learn the lead, he is very obedient, you can give him a little delicious, and then train to deepen his feelings with him, so he is not so much to you Being unfamiliar, you will definitely listen to you.

  4. You support a kitten, but you don't know how to teach him to learn the lead. He is also very obedient, not wild. The kitten does not need to learn too much skills, just teach him daily, and then fix it.

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