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  1. In the cat's two and a half years old, you can remove insects.
    The two and a half -month -old kitten is preparing to leave the breastfeeding period and enter the kitten period. When you are feeding, the kitten can adjust the body temperature by itself. The body's resistance is enhanced, and you can start using insect repellent.

    If there is a parasite in the cat's mother, the parasitic larvae will be infected with the kitten through the placenta or milk. If the cat's mother has more births at one time, the kittens often lick each other together. The activity may also be infected with parasites.
    The kittens are separated from breastfeeding and entering the kitten period. They still need to take care of them.

    The deworming from a young age can ensure the healthy growth of the kitten without being infringed by parasites.

  2. Cats are prone to parasites in the body, and some parasites will be transmitted to humans. So shoveling officers, for the health of cats and family, must regularly make internal drives for cats at home! If a cat is infected with parasites in the body for a long time, it will be malnourished, poor appetite, thinner, severe complication of intestinal pneumonia, and even death. Therefore, it is indispensable to drive insect deworming in the body! Intersection Intersection
    Why do cats who do n’t go out of the house infected with parasites?

    The first, cats infected with rotary fleas in the process of licking the hair, which can cause cats to infect tapeworms.
    Secondly, cats are infected with pearworms in infected feces, polluted water and food.
    third, infectious larvae directly passed through the injured skin and pores and invaded the body
    Fourth, cats swallowed raw fish, shrimp, or unspeakable fish and shrimp easily infected with liver Fifth, fifth, any animal eats the cyst, oval or live body of the enclosure of a bowworm, which will be infected with toxoplasma.
    This is a common and infected pathway for cats. Gow -shaped worms, tapeworms, tapeworms, and crotch spores are also easily transmitted to humans.

    So the shoveling officer remembers that the money -removing medicine should not be saved. Next, I will introduce to you how to choose the right body insect repellent to ensure the safety of cats and shovelers.
    The common types of internal delemer drugs on the market, and each type of insect repellent is different. The shoveling officer can choose the corresponding insect repellent medicine according to the situation of his master. However, if you want to cover the most complete parasites in the body, it is not possible to rely on a medicine alone.

    The best way is to use several medicines to be used to use, so as to ensure that cats reach the most ideal insect repellent effect.
    The awareness of cat raising at present, it is difficult to do it on time. Many shoveling officers will feel that their homes are very hygienic, and their cats do not go out and do not need to be deworming. And the stray cats outside never deworming also live well.

    The concept is also understandable and lacks the basic knowledge of cats.
    First, the average life of stray cats is only three years, and parasites are their number one killer. So the shovel officer should not compare his child and stray cat.
    Secondly, even if the home is well done, it is difficult to resist the invasion of the insect without taking insect repellent. And many cats fell in love with bed, licking hair in all corners of the house, and even some cats like to drink water in the master cup.

    . Therefore, for the common health of you and cats, it is necessary to repel deworming on time.
    Third, the shoveling officer raised cats. Cats are a member of the family. The necessary professional knowledge is essential. Cats are not just fun and accompany, but also care about it like care for their family.

    This shoveling officer must pay attention to the problem of deworming of cats, and I wish you all cats can grow up healthily.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer a kitten with more than 6 weeks to start deworming in the body.nUse it for 2 weeks after the first deworming, and it can be performed once every 3 months in the later period. Adult cats are used every six months. You can feed the cat deworming tablets in the body. During the deworming period, it is easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea, and mental weakness.nHowever, it should be noted that when giving the kitten deworming in the body, we must accurately weigh the weight of the cat, and go to the hospital to buy insect repellent. Pay attention to the status of the cat after feeding the deworming medicinenDo you have to go to the hospital for the first time?nYou don't need to pay attention to the dosenQuestioning the kitten who had just returned to less than 3 months, and had not yet vaccinated. Some people suggested that you can adapt at home for a few days before playing at home.nThe answer is to adapt at home for a few daysnTo ensure that cats are healthy before exorcismnAsk the vaccine during the appointment, can you repeat the time when you get the vaccine at the same time?nAnswer 7-10 days after the vaccine cannot be injected.nMore 8nBleak

  4. Cats are generally recommended to start the first deworm at 6 weeks.
    The deworming in the body: Animals under 1 year old are recommended to/time, and it is recommended to/time/time over 1 year old.
    In in vitro: once a month in summer, once every season once (please note that in vitro deworming medicines should be selected according to the actual condition of the cat).
    A precautions for deworming:
    1. Most oral deworming medicines may have a certain stimulation effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines. Soft stools and decreased appetite will usually recover.
    2. If the cat's gastrointestinal function was relatively weak, and the recent vomiting and dilutes often occur. It is recommended not to prevent the drugs that prevent parasitic infection and regulate the gastrointestinal and then feed.
    3. If it is a manifestation of abnormal gastrointestinal function due to parasitic infection, it is important to perform insecticide in time.
    4. When a pet is found to have parasitic infections, the above -mentioned deworming cycle is recommended to achieve the ideal treatment state. It still needs to be treated in a timely manner according to the actual situation.

  5. Cats are generally recommended to start the first deworm at 6 weeks.
    1. Dedication in the body: Animals under 1 year old are recommended to/time, and it is recommended to/time/time over 1 year old.
    2. In vitro deworming: once a month in summer, once every season in other seasons (please note that in vitro deworming medicines should be selected according to the actual condition of the cat).
    M common parasitic types are:
    The body parasites: tapeworms, tapeworms, nematodes, ball bugs, hookworms and suction worms, etc.; Mites and chiggle mites.

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