The picture book story "The Cat who has lived 1 million times": love and life in fairy tales

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  1. This cat, from the Japanese picture book writer Nono Kako's work "The Cat who lives 1 million times". In the 1970s, this picture book was published, and it was still regarded as a classic for the world to this day. The Chinese version of only exceeded 1 million copies, which was longer than the "life" of the cat in the book.

    This is a picture book suitable for children to read and is also suitable for adult reading. Regarding the theme of picture books, "Love and Life", it seems more suitable for adult reading. This tabby cat lived 1 million times and died 1 million times. It only understands the true meaning of life in the end: Give is to get, and love is happier than being loved.

    The meaning of life should have two meanings: First, to have freedom, life belongs to itself. The second is to have the ability to love others, and giving love can make life more meaningful. This tabby cat is really happy when becoming a wild cat. He likes himself so. This time he is free and his life belongs to himself. People can only relax and understand the meaning of life when they are doing themselves. When the tabby cat meets the white cat, with the kittens. The tabby cat loves each other than loves himself. The once proud tabby cat never show off his glory experience. Compared to the happy life with them, those dazzling pasts are nothing. Love is to let a person willing to let go of himself and pour feelings on the other side. When a person has the ability to love others, knowing how to give love can make life more meaningful.

    has a cat that has not died in 1 million years.

    Then cats have died 1 million times and lived another 1 million times.

    is a beautiful tabby cat.

    1 million people have loved the cat, and 1 million people cried when the cat died.

    , the cat didn't even cry once.

    It once, the cat is the king's cat. What king hates the cat.

    The king loves fighting and always launches wars. During the war, the king put the cat in a beautiful basket and brought it with him.

    one day, the cat was shot to death by an arrow flying. When he was fighting, the king cried with the cat.

    The king's battle did not fight, returned to the palace, and then buried the cat into the yard of the palace.

    It once, the cat is a sailor cat. What sailor hates.

    The sailors traveled through the sea and the wharf of the world with cats. One day, the cat dropped from the boat.

    Because the cat could not swim, the sailor quickly used the net to catch the cat, but the cat was drowned.

    The sailor cried loudly holding a piece of wet cloth. He then took the cat to a port city in the distance and buried under the tree in the park.

    It once, the cat is the cat of the circus magician. What the cat hates a circus.

    The magician put the cat into a box every day, saw two halves with a saw, and then hug the intact cat out of the box for applause.

    one day, the magician lost his hands and really saw the cat into two halves. The magician cried loudly holding the cat in half of his hands. This time, no one applauded.

    The magician put the cat behind the circus.

    It once, the cat is the cat of the thief. What the cat hates a thief.

    The thieves led the cat, in the dark town, quietly turned around like a cat. The thief only steals the dog. While the dog rushed to the owl, the thief pried open the safe.

    One day, the cat was killed by a dog.

    The thieves holding cats and stealing diamonds, crying while walking on the town at night. Then, returned home and put the cat in the small yard.

    It once, the cat is a lonely old lady. What an old lady hates.

    The old lady holds cats every day and looks out from small windows. The cat sleeps on the old lady's legs all day.

    Shortly, cats die. The shaking old lady hugged the dead cat and cried all day.

    The old lady buried the cat under the yard.

    It once, the cat is a little girl's cat. What little girl hates the cat.

    It girls sometimes play the cat on their backs, sometimes tightly holding the cat to sleep. When she was crying, she wiped tears with the back of her cat.

    one day, the cat was strangled by the belt on the back of the little girl.

    The little girl holding the cat with her head and pulled her head for a whole day. She then buried the cat under the yard.

    The cats are no longer dead.

    Later, cats are no longer the cats of others.

    became a wild cat.

    The first cat turned into its own cat at once.

    Cats like themselves too much.

    How to say, the beautiful tabby cat finally became a beautiful wild cat.

    No matter which female cat is, he wants to be his bride.

    The free fish as gifts as gifts, some of which are presented with fresh mice, some sent rare herbs, and some to lick his beautiful tabby pattern.

    The cats said:

    "I can die 1 million times! I don't eat this set!" Because cats like themselves than anyone else.

    only one cat does not even look at him. It is a beautiful white cat.

    The cat walked over and said, "I can die 1 million times!"

    One sound.

    The cat is a bit angry, how do you say, because he likes himself so much.

    The next day and third day, he walked to the white cat and said, "Did you not finish it once?"


    The white cat only said.

    one day, tabby cats flipped three followers in front of the white cat, saying:

    "Oh. "

    The white cat only said.

    " I, I have died 1 million times ... "
    n said Half of the time, he asked the white cat, "Can I stay with you?"

    "Okay. "

    The white cat said.

    is just like this, he has been with the white cat.


    The cat never said, "I, I have died 1 million ..."

    Like yourself.

    The kittens have grown up and left one by one.

    "They all become beautiful wild cats. "

    " Oh. "

    The white cat said, and then her throat made a gentle" gurgling "sound. White cat slowly grows old.

    It's gentle, and there is a "gurgling gurgling" in his throat.

    This he wants to live with the white cat forever!

    Lying quietly in the cat's arms without moving.

    The cats were holding a big drop of tears, and he cried for the first time. From the morning to the night to the evening, crying, crying, the cat cried 1 million times.

    in the morning and evening ....

    noon one day, cat crying The sound stopped.

    lying the cat quietly and lying on the side of the white cat.

    The cat never survived again.

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