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  1. Under normal circumstances, the life of cats is about 12-15 years old. Cats that have not matched cats and cats with sterilized cats have longer life than ordinary cats. The life of cats is generally in 8-12, and longevity cats can live to 17-20 years old. Cat's short life is like a microcosm of human life, condensing the vast decades of decades of more than ten years. Generally speaking, long hair cats have a longer life than short -haired cats; male cats have a longer life than female cats; and pet cats raised indoors are longer than wild cats survival in the wild.
    The cat was born until the age of 1 is equivalent to its childhood and teenager. The cat started to enter the young man slowly at the age of 1-2. The 5-year-old cat was in adulthood. When the cat was 7 years old, he began to enter the old age. The body will gradually show signs of aging, the hair becomes dim, the movement becomes slow and slow, the teeth are yellow and severely worn. The physical function of the cat will gradually slow down the work and become fragile and weak every day.

    This of cat's life and shit officer's care method is still very important. Wait. If there is sufficient nutrition and good medical conditions, the average life expectancy of Gong Meow can be 13-15 years old. There is a very interesting scientific statistics: the average life expectancy of the mother who has never matched can reach 15-17 years old, and the life expectancy of cats that have been sterilized will be 1-2 years than the average life expectancy.
    Because the cat's sexual desire is very strong, it can be estrus many times a year, and continuous and excessive fertility activities will accelerate the cat's body organs and shorten their life. Therefore, it is important to help them sterilize in time. , Not only to prevent excessive reproduction, but also for their own health.
    In general, the life span of male cats is longer than female cats.

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