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  1. There is a theory that human beings always show the strongest sympathy for mammals closest to them, and psychologically tend to approach humans, so it will not feel when stepping on a ant, but stepping on a cat will cause strong strong Donestion.
    , however, just by "how to be eaten when a dog is cute" to evoke the sympathy of human beings, it is usually impossible to change the eating habits. From a cultural point of view, the custom of eating dog meat has existed in China for thousands of years, and its eating habits are deeply fixed. To this day, "eating dog meat" is still the customs and traditions of individual groups and localities.
    This leads to a paradox. In terms of psychological needs, fasting dog meat should be taken for granted, but in terms of cultural diet, fasting dog meat also violates folk customs. In modern fast -paced society, people are under tremendous pressure on life and psychology, and dog understanding and other characteristics further transform it from the role of pets into human partners. On social networks, the daily interaction between dog owners and dogs usually attract a lot of attention. More and more people are eager to have a recovery "child" around them. On the other hand, because dog meat does not belong to the current scope of animal husbandry and no quarantine regulations and standards, dog food safety issues circulating in the market have always attracted much attention and should be resolved from the legal level.
    It is understood that the cost of breeding dog meat is very high. The cost per kilogram exceeds 100 yuan, and it is not easy to produce meat like poultry like chickens and ducks. Therefore, there are few large dog meat farms in the domestic market. Even the farms specializing in dogs are difficult to reach the level of intensive breeding. For example, in order to reduce costs, some of South Korea's farms often use human remaining vegetables as feed, which undoubtedly increases the risk of eating dog meat.
    Over time, incorporating "fasting dog meat" into the law is natural. Not long ago, Shenzhen passed a regulation that clearly stipulated that starting from May 1st, Shenzhen will ban eating cats and dogs, including wild animals. This is also the first city in mainland China to prohibit cats and dogs through law. If the "National livestock and poultry genetic resource catalog" is passed, dog meat will be banned nationwide in the future. From a global perspective, many countries have promulgated relevant laws and regulations. For example, the U.S. Congress passed a law that prohibit cats and dogs in 2018. In Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other neighbors have promulgated the laws that prohibit eating cats and dogs.
    Then in South Korea, where dog meat culture prevails, people also take measures to fast dog meat. In October last year, Seoul closed all the dog slaughterhouses and completely stopped the slaughter of dogs. The mayor of Seoul Park Yuanshun recently said that if similar incidents occur again in the future, all measures will be taken to prevent it from happening again. Although fasting dog meat has become a trend, this is not good news for companies living by dog ​​meat. Earlier, when the Korean Parliament was considering a proposal for slaughtering dog meat, several dog meat producers from the Dog Meat Farmers Association ate dog meat in front of animal protection workers, causing extensive public discussions.

  2. Cats are invasive species and are not native to our country. Ecological destructive power is one of the highest biological species. Even if they are in a state of food and clothing, they also like to kill all small animals that are weaker than them, and we are developing countries. There are not so many financial resources to protect an invasive species. From an economic and ecological perspective, it is not bad to capture a wide range of killing. Legal protection is nonsense.
    It, don't say that I have no love, check the cat's breeding ability, and a wild cat will kill how many bird reptiles will kill because of fun. Damn?

  3. Adult dogs have nothing to do with costs. Who is the cost of selling adult dogs in the cat and dog market across the country? Hundreds of dogs in the entire vehicle are concentrated in the market. There are as many as 20 million to 30 million dog meat in China each year. The abandoned dog and cat on the upstairs of Murakami increased the number of urban stray dogs rapidly and brought serious safety hazards to the society. They were captured and killed. They are not encouraged to praise at least not scolding. Furthermore, you know why Japan does not give people to injection rabies vaccine? Because Japan only gives all animal vaccines that may carry rabies virus, this country cannot see stray dogs and cats.

  4. I think this decree is promulgated very well, which is also a kind of care for small animals. We should strongly support it.

  5. It is difficult to really implement what people want to eat if they do not give a "how to eat legal" auxiliary bill. It can prohibit unhealthy and unsafe meat sources, subsidize and cultivate legal farming meat sources, and improve the supervision of them. The system will be much better. Of course, because the attributes of cats and dogs are also necessary to improve the management mechanism of urban stray animals. After all, stray cats and dogs are unhealthy, and the black industry, such as stealing private pets, selling meat. A single fasting cannot be forbidden.

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