5 thoughts on “Do you need to hit the serum when you are bitten by the native cat?”

  1. Although the cat was bitten without bleeding, it was broken, and it was rinsed with soapy water, and then it was best to beat serum.

  2. If the cat is a stray cat, in case you must go to the serum, if it is a cat, you will observe for a day. If the wound has not changed one day, you don't need to fight serum.

  3. In general, if you are bitten or scratched by dogs and cats, even if there is no rupture of bleeding, as long as there are traces, you must go to the hospital to actively injected rabies vaccine to avoid infection. It is more troublesome to avoid infection.

  4. There are many germs and viruses on the cat.
    So, in theory, being bitten by a cat should take measures to treat and take preventive needles.
    , but in fact, when many people encounter this situation, there are no measures ... as long as the wound is not infected, it's okay ...

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