1 thought on “What is easy to get in the low -footed cat”

  1. Ear mites
    This is the most common skin disease of cats. There are many coffee dregs in the cat's ear canal, which can even see small white dots in ear mites. Pet cats may be rare, but stray cats almost have this skin disease. However, please pay attention to the shoveling officer of the cat! Ears are not necessarily infected with ear mites! Mara -bacteria, bacterial infections, and abnormal glandular secretion will all show such external otitis media! You can use water skin, twice a day.
    The viral dermatology
    Thiric skin disease is caused by viral infection. When the virus invades the body, there is a strong close -up for neural tissue and skin tissue. Those with neuropathy can cause shingles, and those who kiss the skin form warts. Common viral skin diseases are 1. Smasses: such as measles, rubella, etc.; 2. Herpes: such as chickenpox, shingles, etc.; 3. Warts: such as ordinary warts, condyloma acuminatum;
    cat moss n R n The main manifestations include: round or oval ringworm spots, white scales, hair removal, and red edges; cat moss is not a disease that is not cured. Everyone must be patient

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