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  1. Cat colds are mainly due to the upper respiratory tract infection, mainly manifested in mental weakness, decreased appetite, rising body temperature, redness and swelling of the eyelids, increasing eye secretions, cough, and runny nose.
    The body will have inflammatory reactions at this time. It is recommended to take anti -inflammatory drugs for three to seven days first. Twice a day, if you have symptoms of cough, you can take drugs such as cough and cough and asthma orally.
    If oral drugs do not have a significant effect for a week, it is recommended to take the pet hospital for symptomatic treatment. At the same time, it is best not to take a bath during a cold. Pay attention to keep the cat warm to avoid aggravating the condition.
    It can take care of the cat according to the following methods:
    1, pay attention to keep warm
    because most kittens are cold and cause a cold, and they are even more afraid of cold after a cold. Therefore, the first consideration is not taking medicine. The problem is to pay attention to keeping warm to the kitten, and don't let it cool again.
    2. Keeping indoor temperature and ventilation
    In increase in the humidity at home can help the sick cat breathe better. If there is a humidifier, it can be opened. You can also turn on the electric heaters or air conditioners. It is good to keep the room temperature at about 25 degrees. If necessary, you can also put on the cat. It also needs to be ventilated every day to ensure that the indoor air is fresh.
    3, supplementing nutrition
    If a cold cat does not pay attention to the nutritional supplementation of the disease period, the body does not get energy supplement, it is likely to delay the condition and make it not improved. Therefore, the owner can prepare light nutrients for it, and it is necessary to take some cats such as cats with nutritional supplements during a cold, and use Wang Meow Amo to help reduce related symptoms, which helps the cat's body more Fast recovery.
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  2. It is best to send a pet hospital immediately.
    Is after cats suffer from a cold, the main symptoms are depression, indifferent expressions, and cold ears and nasal ends. The conjunctiva is red or mild swollen, tears, and the corners of the eyes and nose have purulent secretions. The body temperature rises, accompanied by cough, fear of cold and light, and often curled up in the dark. When the owner finds that cats have a cold, it is best to send a pet hospital immediately. Generally, 30 % of the muscle injection is 30 %, the pain, or the liquid solution, once a day, 0.1 ml per kilogram each time. You can also take heat and polygami with a dosage of 0.1 grams to 1 gram each time.
    It should pay attention to the conditions of the cat's living environment. Although the spring is here, it is still cold at first, and the warmth measures are still in place, especially to prevent the invasion of the wind. When the temperature is relatively low at night, it is best not to let the cat go out. Before going to bed, check whether the cat is returning to the room, don't keep it out of the door. To strengthen cold protection measures for kittens, the cat's nest should be kept dry and warm, and placed in a warm place at home.

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