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    summer is the season when many animals grow, and birds are no exception. In summer, birds are experiencing painful growth. Many birds will danger when they are learning to fly. It is convenient, because the cat will catch the unskilled bird.
    Most of the cases, birds are just exhausted and not injured. When the birds didn't move, the cat lost interest in it and let it go. However, when the birds cheered up, the cat's hunting instinct was awakened again. In such a repeated process, the bird was killed. Family cats will not eat the captured birds, otherwise this instinct will evolve into unnecessary killing. Take the unintelligible bird from the cat and put it back to the sky, which can be said to be the owner's obligation.
    Is when the cat has a tendency to catch birds, as long as it placed a large landscape plant in the house, it is equivalent to creating a place to escape for birds. When the bird hid between the leaves, the cat first caught the bird and put it in the bathroom to take refuge. If the cat is caught up, just close the door.
    In order to rest assured, check the bird's body first. If you drop a lot of feathers, it is not good. If you do n’t drop any feathers, just wait for it to restore it to your vitality, and then let it go. If it is injured, take it to the animal hospital for treatment. Even if it is not injured, it will not be able to fly if a lot of feathers are dropped, so it takes a while to take a look. It is possible to consult a person familiar with birds or animal hospitals.
    In to avoid unnecessary killing, the cat is kept indoors. The 21st century cat breeding method must be indoor breeding. Can't keep up with the time.

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