4 thoughts on “Is it stinky to raise a cat? What should I do if it smells stinky?”

  1. The cat is not smelly, has no taste on the body, and is clean.
    The shit is stinky. You can prepare a large tidal box, put on cat sand for it to go to the toilet, and open a mouth for cats to enter and exit on the side of the box, so that the home will not smell.
    Is the virus. Essence Essence I don't know what virus you are talking about. Essence Essence I can't help it
    If discarded, don’t raise it anymore, and keep it well.

  2. Cat loves cleanliness. You can take a bath often. Buy some cat litter in a fixed place. Just wash it regularly and replace it. Or it is even better to have a small courtyard. My cat is released. Very clean.

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