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  1. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions.
    The appearance of cats is very different, everything looks. The yellow and white cats that the subject said are actually particularly many. Many varieties of cats are like this. But the most famous is the orange cat in our Chinese pastoral cat. Many of the orange cats are yellow and white, and they look clean and beautiful. And the orange cat has a very good personality and a relatively large body shape, giving a very rich feeling. In the orange cat, there are many yellow and white, and each color combination is unique, which is very special. The orange cat not only looks good, has a pleasing personality, but also looks very prosperous. It is a typical prosperous cat.
    In addition to the orange cats in Chinese pastoral cats, there are also cat -like cats in British short -haired cats. There is a variety in British short hair cats that are also yellow and white. But in general, the short -term British shortness is still in line with the description of the subject. Milk white is gentle and gentle, and likes to stay quietly, which is very suitable for family pet cats. It is relatively rare for milk white British, so if you can meet your favorite, you have to look at luck.
    In addition, there are cat -like cats in short -haired cats. Foreign short -haired cats are also called Garfield in our country, and they are a kind of cat -based cat. The most common in exotic short -haired cats is orange and white. The very famous online red cat red fat is like this. It looks good and well -behaved. It is definitely a super cute that people love.
    It the color of yellow and white, it is possible to appear in any variety of cats. This is just a common cat's hair color, so it is easy to breed. Therefore, basically most of the cats that cultivate two -color cats are cats with this color hair. If you like this color cat, it is really easy to find the one you like.

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