5 thoughts on “How about a pet who stayed alone during the epidemic?”

  1. During the epidemic, pets who stayed at home alone were not good, and it was scored in three cases: 1. The owner could not go back, the pets could not come out, because no cat food was starved to death at home; 2. Although the owner could not go back, the owner could not go back. However, the local volunteer association was contacted. Volunteers helped to feed cats and solved the dietary problems of pets; 3. The owner was isolated because of fever and other conditions, and pets were "handled" by community personnel.
    No matter what the above, it is very unfavorable for pets. The first case is very common, because now in Hubei City, people are not allowed to leave Hubei, of course, people do not allow people to enter Hubei. Hubei people who work in other places can not return to the city where they work. After a week of food and water, because there was no outbreak of the epidemic at that time, many people did not know that there would be such a thing. They all thought about going back after the year, and they would not be hungry to their pets. No one could think of it. For a year, in just a few days, the city was actually sealed.
    It some pet owners are very anxious and worry about what problems with their pets. Many kind people on the Internet know this situation. The pets came to feed, solving the urgency of many people. However, there are still some pet problems that cannot be solved, because some communities have been closed and outsiders are not allowed to enter. No matter what volunteers say, the community door guards are not allowed to enter.
    The worst situation is the third situation I said. Some owners were isolated. At that time, everyone did not know that pets would not infect new coronary viruses. Lost. I let the pet owner break the heart, I think, no matter what time, it should not be done!

  2. I invited a aunt to feed the pets at home every day and eat well. But pets have to stay alone in the house for a long time, and their mood will be very low.

  3. Some pets starve to death, and some pets are still alive. How about pets depends on how many things they have prepared when they leave, and pets will not live. They do not understand how long these foods need to eat. They only know that when things are eaten, the owner returns.

  4. I think that if you meet a good person to give them food, maybe they may be fine. If no one comes to send them to eat, it may starve to death.

  5. Some neighbors will take the initiative to provide some pets to provide some pets after the situation of the next home, and those pets that no one finds may starve to death, or they will go out to eat, wait for the owner to come back.

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